Thursday, 27 June 2013

NSV (non-scale victories)

So I am super duper excited to be joining NSV (non-scale-victories) hosted by the wonderful Katie. This is a series that I have seriously enjoyed (I’ve been a lurker in the blogging world for a LONG time). It’s about celebrating successes in your health journey that aren’t necessarily reflected by the number on the scale.
So this week my NSV’s are linked. I went for a run today which means I have exercised 3 times in one week. I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal but I have this terrible habit of making it out twice in a week but I never seem to find the time/energy to get out that third time. But by going out for a run today I broke through that mental barrier, yay! But, perhaps just as important I went for a run even though it was raining. I’m a bit of a fair weather runner, which is a terrible thing to be living in the North West of England as it rains alot! And despite the miserable weather I actually enjoyed myself, although I did find myself wishing I’d kept my glasses on because at least then they’d have kept the rain out my eyes!
I wanted to take a photo after my run so you could see the drownt rat look I was rocking, but I fail epically at selfies (I can't seem to hold the phone and click the take photo button at the same time, what's wrong with me!). So instead I took a photo of my feet, I always feel like the Vibrams make my feet look decidedly frog like, which given the weather seems very fitting!
What were your NSV's this week?
I’m off to a friend’s wedding this weekend which is exciting. I’m heading down tomorrow morning to help her set-up, but hopefully I’ll have a chance to get out for a run at some point and take some photos, other than of my feet!



Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Parental motivation?

I never know how to start, a blog post is a bizarre cross between a diary entry and a letter to a friend, so what’s the proper etiquette for addressing it?

Moving on, I went for a run yesterday and I ran for 25 whole minutes!!! My Dad decided to join me, he does that occasionally. I suspect he thinks its helpful but usually my runs go worse with him there because he insists on talking and the annoying thing is the man is barely breaking a sweat whilst I’m wheezing out my last breath (ok so I’m a tad dramatic but still). Actually he is a good role model, a few years ago he decided he’d gotten too fat and started to cut back on snacks and get back into exercise (he used to be super fit). He’s been losing weight slowly but steadily (2-3lbs a month) which is slow but unlike me (the perennial yo-yo dieter) he’s managed to keep it off. And at the age of  50 he decided triathalons were the way to go. He’s super competitive with a work colleague and for the past 3 years they’ve been trying to best each other, he’s decided I’m his secret weapon as he comes out with me in addition to his normal gym training! I’m fine losing weight slowly and have even been successful in the past but as soon as things start to go wrong with my PhD (usually spectacularly so) the weight starts to creep back on, nobody ever warns you about this side-effect of post grad study!

I digress, we set out and encountered LOTs of cows! I was very grateful Dad was there (former farm boy) cow’s don’t bother him in the slightest. Its a HUGE field and the cows were all in the first half so I started to breath easier after we passed the half-way point, when my Dad, ever so helpfully pointed out that if they wanted to they could still catch us up. Thanks for that piece of knowledge Dad! So now not only do I feel judged by them I have to suffer with the knowledge that despite the fact they are much fatter than me they can still run faster!

My pace was considerably slower (11:58) and I wanted to collapse in a heap at the end but it was still a really good run! But man, this heat is killing me, scince when did the British weather actually decide to give us a summer, most unusual!

I missed my weigh in this morning, I just clean forgot, which is probably just as well as we ended up having a fish and chip supper for tea last night! I’m doing so much better with regular exercise but a consistent change in my eating habits continues to escape me!



Monday, 24 June 2013

A library romance, or not!

So I didn’t get out for a run today.  The time just got away from me. It happens.


 I did however make the most amazing avocado cake following a recipe from joythebaker. I halved the amounts because I didn’t want such a big cake, so I just made mine single layered. I loved the avocados in the cake it made it so rich and moist but I wasn’t so sold on the avocado icing, though that could have been because I ran out of powdered sugar and had to improvise. But honestly, I cannot oversell the amazingness of this cake!


So in lieu of a running story where I’m terrorised by judgemental livestock, I thought I’d share a story about what happened to me last week. I should probably preface this by saying I am NEVER hit on (or at least not that I notice). Anyway, I’d been down at uni for 3 weeks. And I have a favourite spot to work in the library, with the hot weather its lovely and cool and generally nice and quiet. Any way last Tuesday I was making my normal quiet entrance. Ok so it wasn’t quiet I had my handbag, laptop bag and a huge bag for life filled with journal articles. As I was entering the stairwell to go down to my spot the zipper on the front pocket on my laptop bag burst and out flies a bunch of blank DVDs (I’m all about the back-ups), fortunately there was a nice guy in the hallway who helped me gather them all up> then he turned to go down the steps (instead of up like most people), and I made a comment about how i wasn’t stalking him and he said I know you’re going down to the reports.


I get down and settle into my favourite spot (the last desk in the row, next to the far wall), only to discover he’s in the desk next to me. I didn’t think anything of it and got set up for work (i.e I started reading all my favourite blogs). Anyway he interrupted me a couple of times to ask me inane questions, was I familiar with these turbine equations (no!) could he borrow a pencil ect ect. I just figured he was being friendly. Anyway by 7pm we were the only 2 people left in our section in the library and he struck up a conversation by this point I was fairly sure I was being hit on (mainly because he asked if I was seeing anyone!). Anyway he asked for my number and i figured there was no harm in giving it to him. Jumping forward, the next day he once again settles into the desk adjacent to mine and tried to initiate conversation but I was being super productive so wasn’t very responsive. I think I must have blown it, because I haven’t heard a peep out of him since and on Thursday I returned home :s


So am I alone in being this clueless/awkward in interactions with guys, or are you lot just as bad? I’m great with them as friends but as soon as I know they’re interested I lose the plot and act like a crazy person! Any tips or pearls of wisdom for me? Oh well I live in hope that the right man will find this behaviour endearing!



Sunday, 23 June 2013

Judgemental bovines and bank holiday karma


I feel I should apologise for my radio silence the past few days. The previous blog design was so ugly I found it offensive every time I looked at it! And because my ICT skills are limited to word and a few niche statistical programmes, I didn't have the know-how to create the blog template of my dreams. But after a few hours of quality time with google I was able to change it, so it wasn't quite so offensively ugly. It's no work of art but it is miles better, or at least I think so, and as at this point I'm the only person who reads it it's my opinion which matters!

Anyho, moving on. As previously mentioned I've been working my way through the C25K programme. It's been slow going, some weeks I have to repeat a few sessions or even the whole week, but I finally made it to the end of week 6 a 22 minute jog. When I attempted to do it on Thursday I really struggled with it, I even had to stop and walk (for under a minute, but still) any way runkeeper then informed me my av pace was an 11.07 min/mile. Which is OK.

So Saturday morning bright and early (well 10am) I set out to try and tackle those 22 minutes again. When I tried it on Thursday I was still down at Uni, and was running on a mix of dirt trail and mown grass, now I’m back at home I’m back to running through fields and it is MUCH harder. I encountered some cows, as a general rule I don’t like cows, they judge me as I’m running past, they just stand and stare and I can practically hear them going “run faster fatty”(I may have problems). Anyway, asides from the judgement, I don’t mind them usually, but a few of them were up on the river bank (which is what the footpath follows) I’m not sure who was more skittish as I was trying to get around them, them or me! Also there may or may not have been a few dicey moments with unexpected muddy patches! But overall it was a good run, I really enjoyed it and felt good (read: I didn’t want to die) but then the annoying runkeeper lady told me I only maintained a 11:27 min/mile! How can that be!?! Oh well, I’m blaming it on the different terrain.

In other news the four weeks down at uni were a bit of a bust on the weightloss front. I started weighing myself on my lovely friends scales, but they are slightly different (only weighing in kg). So anyway when I left I thought I’d lost 4lbs. Well yesterday when I weighed myself again I was up! Turns out bank holiday weekend I must have put on ALOT weight with all that fun! The 4lbs I lost was actually the 4/5lbs I’d put on. Sad times. Sadly this means I won’t be reaching my mini goal of over 30lbs lost by the end of the month (and co-incidentally my friends wedding). Which is sad, and a little disappointing but I have to remember it’s not the end of the world I’m still 23lbs down and that’s what I need to focus on.

My goodness that was a long post, talk to you soon,


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A new blog, a new me?

This blog is a reward to myself. I've been running on and off (emphasis on the off) for 3 years. But this time in an effort to help me shift some excess pounds I really committed to it, I even started a couch to 5k programme. Well, last week I hit the 5 week point , which involves a 20 minute continuous run. It was tough, and as I was huffing and puffing my way along I decided that if I made it to the end without a) dying and b) stopping to walk I'd start a blog to chronicle this major (for me) achievement.

So here we are.

I'm by no means a serious runner, though I do absolutely love it! And I dread to think what my pace is, but the important thing is I'm doing it.

However, as much as I love my new found hobby there is no way I'd beable to fill an entire blog about it, which is why it'll be a way to chronicle my everyday life and the resulting disasters.