Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Parental motivation?

I never know how to start, a blog post is a bizarre cross between a diary entry and a letter to a friend, so what’s the proper etiquette for addressing it?

Moving on, I went for a run yesterday and I ran for 25 whole minutes!!! My Dad decided to join me, he does that occasionally. I suspect he thinks its helpful but usually my runs go worse with him there because he insists on talking and the annoying thing is the man is barely breaking a sweat whilst I’m wheezing out my last breath (ok so I’m a tad dramatic but still). Actually he is a good role model, a few years ago he decided he’d gotten too fat and started to cut back on snacks and get back into exercise (he used to be super fit). He’s been losing weight slowly but steadily (2-3lbs a month) which is slow but unlike me (the perennial yo-yo dieter) he’s managed to keep it off. And at the age of  50 he decided triathalons were the way to go. He’s super competitive with a work colleague and for the past 3 years they’ve been trying to best each other, he’s decided I’m his secret weapon as he comes out with me in addition to his normal gym training! I’m fine losing weight slowly and have even been successful in the past but as soon as things start to go wrong with my PhD (usually spectacularly so) the weight starts to creep back on, nobody ever warns you about this side-effect of post grad study!

I digress, we set out and encountered LOTs of cows! I was very grateful Dad was there (former farm boy) cow’s don’t bother him in the slightest. Its a HUGE field and the cows were all in the first half so I started to breath easier after we passed the half-way point, when my Dad, ever so helpfully pointed out that if they wanted to they could still catch us up. Thanks for that piece of knowledge Dad! So now not only do I feel judged by them I have to suffer with the knowledge that despite the fact they are much fatter than me they can still run faster!

My pace was considerably slower (11:58) and I wanted to collapse in a heap at the end but it was still a really good run! But man, this heat is killing me, scince when did the British weather actually decide to give us a summer, most unusual!

I missed my weigh in this morning, I just clean forgot, which is probably just as well as we ended up having a fish and chip supper for tea last night! I’m doing so much better with regular exercise but a consistent change in my eating habits continues to escape me!



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