Sunday, 28 July 2013

I got lost running........sort of

Good news, I’m feeling much perkier today! This is probably largely to do with it being Saturday and therefore not feeling obliged to work on my thesis!

 So I wanted to share some of the things that happened whilst away (other than becoming a bus-spotter obviously). I went out for a run on Tuesday morning around a park one of my cousins had taken me to last time I tried running and was attempting to drag her into it with me. Drumprellier park is essentially a small lake and a wooded area. I had to drive there so I parked up and set off (without headphones, I’d inconveniently left them at home). I had no idea how laboured my breathing actually is, yet another advantage of running with headphones! Anyway I knew I‘d have to do several laps of the lake to make my time so I decided to make a detour into the woods. I wasn’t following footpaths so much as deer paths but still it was a lot of fun, I really do love trees! Anyway when I came out of the trees I was all disorientated, but I saw just ahead of me 2 middle aged ladies who I thought I might have passed before entering the woods. Anyway when I caught up with them and stopped them it turns out that they weren’t the same ladies but they very kindly pointed me in the right direction (the car park was hidden behind  a boat house round the far edge of the lake). Anyway having located the car I continued my run and set off round the lake again, when I passed the ladies again they called out wanting to know if I’d gotten myself lost again! Which was both sweet and funny!
It was alott of fun hanging out with some of my family. This is a photo my cousin and I took, when my friend left her phone un-attended. We're sooo cool.
Then on Friday it was HOT. SO very hot. My friend talked me into keeping my shorts on for the drive down. At first I was reluctant because I knew we would be stopping in somewhere for a bite to eat. But as my friend very sensibly pointed put, it was too hot to be self –concious and we would only be going to service station for mac-donalds anyway so its not like the people there would be judging me! So i wore my shorts in public and the world didn’t end, who knew?

 Right I’ll leave it at that for the day, but I’ll be back tomorrow with a recipie.

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