Friday, 26 July 2013

Loosing my perk....

So I’ve been a terrible blogger.

Since getting back from the week t’up North I’ve just been feeling a bit meh. Actually it started before I went away, I think just getting a bit fed-up with everything. I’ve been on this journey since Easter and I think I’m just frustrated with the results I’ve been seeing, I’ve been averaging 1lb a week. And I know that not bad per ce, I just  get frustrated when I look around at other bloggers who are seeing better results(2-3lbs). It’s frustrating because I’m on point with my diet, excluding the past 10 days, I have stayed within my ww daily and weeklies. I haven’t mentioned it yet on the blog but I have PCOS. Perhaps the worlds most annoying condition ever. Along with a whole host of  delightful symptoms including infertility excessive body hair and adult acne there is what I consider to be one natures biggest cruelties. Associated with the hormone in-balance PCOS causes is weight gain, and the hormone in-balance also makes it very hard to. One of the best things you can do to minimise the effects of the PCOS is to lose weight. So I guess I’ve just been getting a bit frustrated and fed-up with it.

Also I’m currently at the weight that seems to be a bit of a barrier for me, everytime I’ve tried to lose weight in the past this is as far as I’ve gotten before falling off the wagon and allowing my weight to creep back up. Then when I went for my run on Monday my calve muscles were cramping up, so that out me in a bad mood. Which was then followed by an incredibly un-productive week PhD wise just meant I have been throwing myself a bit of a pity party.

However, I dragged my butt out again for a run this morning and my calves felt much better (perhaps because the grass had been cut so I wasn’t hurdling over vegetation!). I didn’t push myself too hard but I’m confident that if I redo a week of the C25k next week I should be back to normal.

So I’m sorry for the pity party and I promise it ends here and we will resume normal service now.
I just want to leave you with a photo of my friend and I doing our best impression of “bus spotters” (also we were photo-bombed by the guard dog who decided at that she finally accepted us)!


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