Monday, 1 July 2013

Mobility scooter derby


I’m back from the wedding. It was absolutely amazing and the bride was truly stunning.

It was a lot of fun even though I didn’t get out for a run until this morning.

On Friday I ended up “guarding” the marquee. There have been issues in the area with people breaking into tents and destroying/stealing things before weddings so we didn’t want to leave the tent un-attended. Luckily I wasn’t in it overnight, one of the lads got that job, I only had to stay there whilst people ate and tended to their livestock and I wasn’t alone for long as eventually the bride and one of the bridesmaids returned with food and wine and we just chilled until the night shift was done feeding his cows!

Then originally I had thought there would be time to go for a run on Saturday morning as I wasn’t part of the bridal party I’d have a bit more free time. However I was staying with Jo (the bride) at her parents with some of the bridesmaids, and being a farm we were awoken at 5.30! Early mornings are fine, just not when preceded by a late night! We had a lot of fun though doing loads of last minute jobs, including riding 3 mobility scooters around to the marquee site for her parents use, we looked hilarious driving along the road on these ridiculous things at like 3 miles an hour! We tried to race but 2 of the scooters barely maintained a walking pace and the third was a beast, so it wasn’t a fair fight! We then drove them along the dirt track to the marquee and I really wished I’d worn a sports bra!


Other than the bride and groom I didn’t really know anyone, except Rob who I’d met once before. SO poor lad got stuck with most of the day and people kept asking whether we were married which is hilarious as Rob is the biggest womaniser I have ever met so he just looked horrified and I couldn’t stop laughing! Also it was highly amusing to watch him try and work his magic on some of the other guests!

Anyway, I don’t really drink so I stayed around to lock up the tent ect, and bully one of the boys into staying over-night again. So it was another super late night, and then Rob the cretin that he is thought it would be hilarious to wake Martine and I up when he went to do the cows. At which point I had only had four hours sleep so I wasn’t going for a run for love nor money and quite frankly considered it enough of an achievement that I didn’t just remove Rob’s favourite body part!

SO it may not have been the best weekend in terms of weight loss, especially as I indulged in all the wonderful food it was completely worth it!

And I promise to upload some photo’s eventually! I really should be better taking photos!

How was everyone else’s weekend? Did you stay on track more successfully than me?

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