Friday, 5 July 2013

plodding along

My goodness I’ve been a bad blogger this week, sorry folks. But, I have photos for you so that should totally make up for it right?

So this is the beautiful pom pom display created by yours truly:

I know, I know, I’ve astounded you with my artistic ability!
The beautiful tent, and the flowers aren’t even in yet. I was just so proud, the bride had a clear vision, right down to the delphinium planted milk churns, and was able to make her dream a reality.
The beautiful view from my bedroom window at the farm!
And because I forgot to take a photo of me in my dress (or at least with a digital camera) here is a selfie, but as the only full-length mirror in the house is squeeze between my parents wardrobes, its weird shaped sorry!

Ok, moving on. This week hasn’t been great on the weight loss front. I over-indulged at the wedding and just kept it up for the rest of the week, so when I weighed in today and the scales showed a 2lb gain, it was expected. And you know what I’m OK with that, I think its easier to  deal with a gain when you know exactly what you’ve done to cause it, much worse is when there is a gain and you’re at a complete loss to explain it. But I am determined to get back on track this week.
I went for a run on Wednesday before meeting with a friend. I was proud of myself for using the spare 45minutes in my day to squeeze in a run instead of just watching TV. The run itself was HORRIBLE. I was just really struggling despite the fact the terrain should have made it much easier, I was just on a complete go slow. It might of been a combo of the super hot weather and not properly stretching out after Mondays run as I ended up driving my friend to the doctors and it just slipped my mind (side note I got to sit in a crowded doctors reception in my smelly running clothes, NICE!).

I am going to try and go for early morning runs whilst the weather is so hot (and lets face it in England, I’m not going to have to keep it up for long!). But when I got home yesterday my mum made a comment about the HUGE black circles under my eyes (I’m not kidding when I say I NEED 8hrs sleep), so I deliberately didn’t set an alarm this morning to try and catch up. Fingers crossed I can get up in the morning or it’ll be a very hot run for me tomorrow!

I hope you all had lovely weeks? I’d love to know what you guys got up to?

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