Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Suicidal inanimate objects and wednesday weigh in

I realised that I forgot to tell you about something that happened at the weekend. My beloved hammock chair attacked me! I was sat minding my own business, reading my latest trashy novel when suddenly I was rudely deposited on my backside and the hammock bar clonked me on my head! The strap I used to hang it in the tree just suddenly decided it had had enough of carrying my hefty behind and lost the will to live (i.e. it just snapped). Sad times!  Don’t panic, asides from a bruised behind I’m fine, and Dad has now slung a rope up in the tree for me to attach the hammock to (parents are handy like that).

Now I’m back at home for a bit I can get back into regularly weighing myself on Wednesdays. And I am excited to report that this weeks 2lb loss means I’ve lost 2 stone since I started, which is fantastic! I get a little over-whelmed when I think I’ve got around 4stone (over 50lbs)still to go. However, I’m really beginning to notice the changes, a lot of my wardrobe is beginning to look too big for me and my new skinny jeans are beginning to get on the big size too (fortunately I prepared for this and bought the smaller size at the same time!). But most importantly my attitude is changing, my confidence which used to be pitifully low is increasing and a lot of the time I now actually like what I see in the mirror, which is a huge difference!

Sadly the scale success may have gone to my head as when my parents suggested KFC for dinner I agreed, ops! Oh well I need to sit down and work out how many points I actually ate but I have a sneaking suspicion that I used up all my weeklies, totally worth it though!

I actually went for my run yesterday, I know what was I thinking running two days in a row! But my legs felt good and I just was really in the mood. Originally I wanted to have my tea and then go for a run about 9ish when it had cooled down but knowing Dad was bummed about missing Monday’s run I invited him to join me, and he persuaded me to go at 6, BIG mistake. It was sooooo hot, which meant I was quite a bit slower but never mind I still did the full 28 minutes (minus the hill) and that’s good! I’m going to try and do an early morning run tomorrow, who knows maybe the cooler temperatures will allow me to tackle the hill?
How's everyone else doing this week on the weight loss and healthy eating fronts?

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