Monday, 8 July 2013

taking care of business!

Eh up!

How was your weekend? My run Saturday morning was the last productive thing I accomplished all weekend. It was utter bliss. I spent the rest of the time in my hammock chair reading, I’m positive that if you look up the definition of happiness that would be it!

So today’s run. I didn’t get up early to do it when it was nice and cool, the alarm went off and I went back to sleep, opps! I toyed with the idea of putting it off till tomorrow morning, but decided that as it was my laziness to blame I would just have to suck it up and go. So I slathered on the sunscreen and stole some of my Dad's fancy cycling sun glasses and set off.
And after my revelation on Saturday I didn’t touch runkeeper, just started my C25k and headed out. Normally I listen to 101 running songs on shuffle, but today I needed to spend a little time with God on my run. So I stuck on 50 Christian workout hits, because you need to have the right music! I spent a little time praying as I ran, talking through some if the things that have been bothering me, work, boys (of course!) the future. It was nice, there’s something cathartic about praying and running, like your literally exercising your demons lol! Anyway, long after I’d stopped praying there was a song that talked about giving your all, so you wouldn’t have any regrets, and I know it was talking about our relationship with God but I thought that really applies to my commitment to this healthier lifestyle, so often I’m tempted to “cheat”, but the only person I’m cheating is myself. I wish I knew which song it was but I don’t really know the album! After that my thoughts were as spiritual as "God don't let me collapse out here with only the cows for company"!

Anyway, it was HOT!!! And I kept thinking maybe I’ll stop when I get to x style. But then I’d get there and think no I can make it to the horse field at least. And so it went. I did have to walk half up the small hill but its a walking break of less than 30s and I don’t count it because it always floors me, I figure I’ll work on it at a later date. And then as I was running down the leg which is down the side of the bypass the tarmac was so hot I could feel it through my shoes and my poor feet were burning. So then I convinced myself I could stop at 25 minutes but by that point I was re-entering the village and I decided I could go until the 1 minute to go warning and then when I reached that point I realised I could run another minute and make it to the end, although I was beginning to fear I was going to run out of road as I was nearly back at home!

Usually I get to start my cool down walk at some point along the by-pass or since doing the 25mins as I reach the bottom of it so that my walk is though the village and the 5 mins takes me to the end of my street, tops. Today I made it all the way to my house, I had to walk around the garden as my cool down. Actually this worked out quite well as in a bid to stay hydrated I drank a lot before heading out so by the time I had finished the warm-up 5minutes I was already thinking I could visit the facilities right now. So when I got home I could take care of that, grab my water and then do some laps of the garden.

I’m not quite ready to move onto 30minutes run which is what my next session is supposed to be, I think I might repeat the 28mins for the rest of the week (hopefully 2 more sessions) and move onto 30minutes next week.
Is this heat-wave affecting anyone else's work-outs? How do you cope, or can you actually get up in the morning?


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