Thursday, 15 August 2013

NSV Linkup


As described in yesterday’s post I’ve been having a tough time of it. Since June I’ve gained and lost the same 4lbs over and over again. So I haven’t really had any success on the scales for a while. Which is why I love the NSV link-up, it reminds us to celebrate the other victories, the ones that that scale doesn’t reflect.

So my NSV this week has been my determination to not give up on running. I took a few weeks off running, circumstances and laziness combined, but I decided to get back to it. I went out for run. I didn’t even give up when they closed my trail route. Instead I started looking into alternatives, I even tried different shoes (they didn’t work, but I tried). And I think this definitely counts as a victory, a victory over the old me who would have just given up, written it off and claimed that I wasn’t cut out to be a runner.

Having said that.............I went for a road run in the frog shoes last night. It started off fine, I was only doing 20 minutes. There were a couple of twinges in my left ankle, but I just brushed it off, “you’re running on road now this is what it feels like”. I wanted to quite, lots of times but I forced myself to keep going. In hindsight this maybe wasn’t my smartest move because by the time I finished my cool-down walk and got home my ankle was really sore. So I’ve been icing it. I’m not sure what this means. I had a problem in this ankle when I was living in the states. So maybe there is just a weakness there? I’m not sure whether this puts an end to my attempts to run on the road. Maybe I just need to add ankle strengthening exercises to my routine, I always thought they were pretty strong, I’ve never had any issues trail running and that’s supposed to be tough on ankles.

I guess I’ll just have to continue icing it and see how thing work out. But it’s a real bummer!



  1. I have such a love/hate relationship with running. But I've come to realize that it really helps with the weight loss, plus it is such a good stress reliever!

    Good job on sticking with it and I hope that ankle feels better asap!

  2. Great NSV and I hope your ankle isn't too hurt!

  3. Not giving up is a huge NSV! I know how you feel about gaining and losing the same few pounds over and over - story of my life! We can do this though! We just have to stick with it and keep learning!

  4. Injuries are such a bummer! I hope it feels better soon!

  5. Not giving up is an amazing NSV, because it is so easy to do!! I am glad you stuck with it!!