Tuesday, 20 August 2013

cows are evil or stupid, I can't decide which


How’s things going with all of you, your week gotten off to a good start? I’m still avoiding stuff. But I went for a run yesterday, just an easy 20minutes (off-road) and it felt FANTASTIC. I felt good, it felt good. It just felt right to be back out there running, who’d have thought it but I think I’m runner (gasp!).

There were several stupid livestock. A cow who decided it was terrified of me so ran 10 yards along the river bank and then stopped and stared at me again, don’t worry I pointed out that she’s accomplished nothing, she took offence and this time ran down the river bank, I said thank you but pointed out if she’d just done that in the first place there would have been no need for either of us to get skittish. Then in the next field another cow who refused to move off the river bank twisted her self into what must of been an uncomfortable position to try and keep an eye on me whilst I ran past before giving up and lolloping off in the other direction. Then I ran through a field of sheep. I like sheep. They see you coming and they are desperate to get out the way and don’t try to hide it. They just run away, even if that means actually running towards you in order to get to the other side of the field where the rest of the flock are! Like I said I like sheep.

(see this photo supports my theory that cows are actually eveil, just look at those eyes!)
Anyway I enjoyed the run but I’m not sure whether it was my smartest move ever. My ankle which was feeling better thanks to the weird flossing thing is sore again. Which IS TERRIBLE. I need to get out running again. I want to run because I’m freaking out over work and feeling overwhelmed and normally I would binge eat chocolate, because as a pin I keep seeing on Pintrest says chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions. I’ve worked really hard to replace an un-healthy coping mechanism with a healthy one. Which I suppose is still a poor substitute for working through it. And it looks like I’m going to have to stay off my ankle for a while which makes me nervous.

Meh I’m sure it will be fine. Thanks to Samantha I’m going to start tracking again. She’s right it’s so important. So no more tracking “in my head” I’m going back to recording everything I eat, writing it all down, good and bad.
See you tomorrow for weigh in Wednesday

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