Sunday, 11 August 2013

Happiness is...........

So Friday was a pretty awesome day. After running a few errands with my parents (I’m the only one with a car at the moment so I’m the designated driver), we went to my favourite restaurant (the only Mexican in town) for their lunch time deal as an early birthday treat (I’m getting old folks!). I LOVE their burrito bowls, yummy chicken, salad, Mexican spiced rice, black beans and pickled red onions, soooooo scrummy but they only do it as part of their lunch time menu, which is tragic. Anyway I had that with a shared side of sweet potato fries, another favourite of mine, I mean really who doesn’t love sweet potato fries (actually that would be my little brother who thinks sweet potatoes are radio-active!). I love chiquitos. I love the food, so scrummy, I love the atmosphere and I love the part of the city it is in. The whole thing just makes me really happy. Of course the intense sugar rush from the churros I had for pudding could have contributed to this!

(aren’t the docks pretty?)

Then in the evening we ended up having Pims and watching Red. I’m fairly confident if you look up the definition of happiness in the dictionary this would be it. The pims was just the way I like it, weak with lots of fruit, soooo yummy. And well Red is just an awesome film. I kept giggling to myself the whole evening because I was just so happy it just seemed to bubble out of me (or maybe I was drunk, I am a light-weight).

I just wanted to share that with you, hope you have all had an equally awesome day,


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