Tuesday, 27 August 2013

It's soup season!

It's getting towards the end of summer and its no longer melt-your-face-off hot which means its soup season! I'm a huge soup person. there are soups for different seasons, soups for diffferent occasions and even soups for different emotions. But today I wanted to share a good all-round soup. Its ridiculously easy. And very scrummy. However, there is no photo because if you saw what it looked like you wouldn’t make it, and that’s would be real shame so to save you from your own narrow mindedness I’m not posting a photo. You’re welcome!

As previously mentioned when it comes to cooking I’m more of the meh add everything and it’ll be fine school of thought. However, someone pointed out to me recently that some people prefer to follow instructions more detailed than add all the veg that’s about to go bad and hope for the best (I mean that’s still the basic principle of the soup but I’ve split it up).

Empty the fridge soup

1 Onion
Carrots (2-3)
1 pepper (maybe more, depends how many are in the fridge that need using)
Shredded cooked chicken (either leftovers or roast chicken slices from the deli)
Spinach (I used 5 blocks of frozen spinach I like it spinach heavy)
1 ½ pints chicken stock
Salt and pepper
Several general pinches of chilli flakes
3 tsp of cornflour for thickening (optional)

I have also added green beans, courgettes, kale and even potatoes in the past.

Dump everything in a large pot (I did warn you the instructions weren’t going to get very detailed). Everything is inter-changeable except the chilli, it makes a HUGE difference to the taste, it’s not hot it just gives it a little something. Leave everything simmering over a low heat for around an hour until all the veg is cooked. If you like your soup a little thicker than vegetable floating in hot water ( I like it like that) mix the corn flour with a little water so it resembles milk and then stir in and leave simmering for an additional 30minutes this should make it nice and thick.

I have pointed up the potato free version as 2-3 ww points depending on the amount of chicken and corn flour used. Honestly I don’t know what it is but this soup always tastes phenomenal! And I usual serve it with a chunky slice of bread for an additional 3 points. Serious filling and good for you too!

Let me know if you give it a go, I’d love to know what you think of it!

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