Saturday, 17 August 2013

My family continues to torture me for their own amusement....

So this is just a super quick post. The abuse continued for the rest of the day. Some of which was semi justified, on the way to dinner I suddenly shouted out “ooooo ambulance”, to which my brother responded “what birthday is this, your 6th?”.Even I have to admit that it was a justified response, the half-dozen pinches on the way to the train station were not! We dumped my brother on a train back to Manchester after dinner last night so the planned birthday post will be coming soon, tomorrow maybe? However I just wanted to drop by to say my Dad is torturing me, someone at work told him about some guy called Kelly Starrett and ankle-flossing. Where basically you really tightly wrap compression bands around the strained area and stretch it out. It hurts folks!!! It really hurts!My dad insists that its worth it. And my mum sits on the couch attempting not to wet herself with laughter, because apparently my pain is amusing!

Right normal programming will resume tomorrow, honest!


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