Thursday, 22 August 2013


Firstly I wish to apologise to all the bloggers if I’ve left multiple comments, the internet and I had a falling out and its punishing me by messing around and not acknowledging I’ve made a comment and then I make it again and it decides to reveal the original message! We’ll make up eventually I’m sure.

I’m stealing my NSV from the beautiful Katie. I was thinking about what I could post as my NSV this week, I genuinely couldn’t think of anything. Then I read Katies post and realised that like her my NSV is that I’m missing exercise. As I mentioned yesterday I’m still benched from running and I’m desperately missing it. That is something I NEVER thought I would say when I started this journey. Clearly I need to mix up my exercise routine. So if anyone has suggestions for exercises that you think I might enjoy I’d love to hear about them.
 What were your NSVs this week?

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  1. It's weird when you finally realize that you actually WANT to exercise! I'm at that point too and of course, my wonky ankle is bothering me so I can't put 100% into it like I'd like to be able to.

    I do several things for cardio. I run 3 times per week and in addition, I also walk and then use the elliptical. I'm hoping to get back into swimming and maybe even tennis one of these days as well.