Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My feet are cry-babies

So have you noticed that I’ve been more regular blogging? I’m trying this new thing where I’m actually organised....... it’s a shocking tactic I know! I realised that I have this habit of going AWOL and then posting a couple of HUGE posts. So instead I’m trying out this thing where I write lots of blog posts all at once (in this case Saturday morning) and split stories up into small reasonable sized posts and then releasing them 1 day at a time. I realise right now most of you will be scratching your head going “..... and we should care because....”! Well dear readers I’m trying to spare you the headache of working out a time-line that doesn’t make sense. I actually wrote yesterdays post on Saturday before going out for a run on the road in my stupid road trainers, and I was worried that if I started a post with the words so Saturday’s run sucked you’d be confused (or am I the only one not smart enough to work out that kinda thing on my own).

Soooooo Saturdays run stunk! I was all pumped after writing that love letter to the froggy shoes to give my “proper” trainers a chance. It started off well, soooooo much quicker to just shove my feet in those rather than trying to wrangle my toes into individual pockets. When I was doing my warm-up walk I was aware of my left ankle, but I dismissed it as I was trying a new road route so my warm-up walk was actually all up-hill. So I started running and for the first 100 yards or so I kept thinking it’s so springy and bouncy, it’s weird and I like it! Then the novelty started to wear off and the muscles in my feet let me know they did not appreciate the change in foot-wear. Originally I had planned to run 20mins straight (I’m still easing myself back into running) but when the C25K lady said I was half way my feet were screaming so I decided that I would walk for 2 minutes. Walking helped, but they were still not happy. Then when I started running again thee pain came back, I was beginning to get pins and needles in my toes too and eventually I couldn’t take it anymore, I stopped and took the shoes off and decided to just walk the rest of the way home. The relief I felt was almost instantaneous and by the time I got home my feet were talking to me again. On the upside, it meant I had time to take a photo.

So the up-shot is, I’ll be running in my froggy shoes on the road because my hips, knees and ankles aren’t as big a cry babies as my feet. Also I’ve been thinking about all the positives that there are with this change, I’ve got 3. Its happened now the temperature has broken, if they had closed the footpaths at the beginning of the summer I would have been lost, the tarmac burned through my feet the short stretches I had to be on it, doing a whole run with burning feet, just killer! Secondly now rain is making a regular re-appearance in the fylde running on a road is safer, the frog shoes do not cope well on wet grass and my butt is going to be very greatful for this routine switch-up. Lastly it’ll give me a better idea of how I would cope in a 5k race as lets face it none of those are ever on nice grassy routes!


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