Monday, 16 September 2013

A jumble of thoughts

So this cold pretty much knocked me for 6 and so last week feels like a wash  and this week isn’t going to be any better as I have to go down to Uni.

I’m freaking out about it, and I’ll be away both of which are a recipe for disaster diet and exercise wise. Then I’ll be stopping off in Birmingham on the way home to visit the bestie as a reward to myself for surviving cranfield, a reward that will be very deserved as I’m already having nightmares about it (literal nightmares not metaphorical ones).

Anyway moving on, I had a bit of an eventful weekend. I shopped like it was going out of style on Saturday. I didn’t buy clothes or anything, no I hit up Boots (for my American readers think Walgreens but better). I bought more hair curling crème, and my special shampoo and as they discontinued my go to nasty-chemical-free beauty brands I branched out and tried a few others, by the time you factor in the 3 for 3 deals which meant I multi-bought I spent a phenomenal amount of money. Opps!

Then I bumped into someone I used to go to highschool with was at church on Sunday which was super weird. I haven’t seen that girl for 10 years and it kinda freaked me out. I’ve been avoiding people (that makes it sound like active avoidance, its more benevolent neglect) from high school because I’m ashamed of the weight I’ve put on and that’s just crummy. I can’t keep putting off life until I’m the mythical perfect weight, this is my current body and this is a pretty awesome body, I need to start loving it and appreciating it and not let my own insecurities sabotage me from living the life I should be!

Right I need to crack on with some work,


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  1. I've avoided so many social situations I the past two year because of my weight! It's so sill too! I have even avoided going to the bar down the road from our cabin (where not many people even know me and it shouldn't matter) just because I don't want anyone to see me. I think I'm finally getting down to a size where I'm getting a but more confident, or at least not so embarrassed.

    So true! We shouldn't be missing out on life just because of the size of our bodies!