Monday, 9 September 2013


Let’s talk about boobs, ta-tas, funbags, flotation devices, whatever you call them, because ladies we have to talk about them!

Is it just me, or if you are blessed with a generous amount in that department it can seriously impede exercise? I’d resigned myself to having to wear 3 bras when running (1 normal bra to squeeze them together stop them impeding arm movement, then 2 sports bras to reduce jiggle). I did not however expect them to be such a problem with other exercises! In yoga when I swing my leg through to runners pose from downward dog my knee hits boob and I have to re-arrange myself to get my foot though to my hands. During kenpo when I do a cross body punch I encounter boob. And don’t even get me started on stretches, you know the arm strtch where you pull your arm across your body and then hold onto your elbow whilst reaching your arm down your back? Are you with me, because with this exercise boobs are a double threat. You practically choke yourself with your own arm (thanks to boobs occupying the space your arm is supposed to go) and your sports bra digs in slowly cutting off the blood supply to your arm.

Please tell me I’m not alone in these struggles? Does anyone else have boob related exercise problems, or tips for avoiding them?

Oh and side note why are sports bras soooooooo expensive, its like they know we can't exercise without them so they abuse this power by charging an arm and a leg!

Right I'm off, my brother decided to punish me for being less than sympathetic over his wipe-out by sharing his cold and I feel seriously rough!



  1. I TOTALLY FEEL YOU WOMAN. Sadly, my boobs have not decreased in size much (if at all) after losing 50lbs. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? I started as a 36GG, and I'm still a 36GG. I wear 2 bras when running- a tight Moving Comfort brand sportsbra, topped with a long tank-top bra. I completely sympathize, though: the bras that fit aren't supportive enough, and the bras that support leave... much spillage.

    I highly recommend Moving Comfort brand! They're about $40-60/bra, but totally worth it. I only have 2, and they've lasted me awhile even though I'm definitely in need of some new ones now. Or, have you looked on a website like I found large-size swimsuit tops on there, so they may have sports bra options too. Let me know if you find anything good-- I'm always looking for sports bras that support large ta-tas!

  2. Yep! I'm with you! I've lost almost 55 pounds now and guess what has not left me yet... (Hubby doesn't mind, but I sure do!) They are always in the way or I can't find any that fit just right.

    Hope you feel better very soon!