Friday, 6 September 2013


Today’s post is a bit of a brain dump I’m afraid.

My brother turned up yesterday, that makes it sound like he materialised out of thin air. He didn’t because he rang scabbing a lift from the train station. But his arrival threw dinner plans out the window and we ended up going out to eat. It also meant I only got part way through my planned yoga session before I had to abandon it to pick him up (honestly I swear he goes out of his way to be as awkward as possible). Anyway I tried to be as sensible as possible in my food choices but when I got home I was still over my calorie count, but not as much as I would have been had a gone for the tex mex and bacon burger which is what I really wanted!

I was looking through my phone photos and I came across this one from my house down at uni.

I love daisies they are definitely my favourite flower, although I have this horrible feeling that it was Meg Ryan in You’ve got mail that originally introduced me to their awesomeness, but I’m not sure maybe I only noticed the connection after I learned to appreciate them!

Also I’m having hair issues, I’d ran out of my normal curling crème and blow-drying my hair without it is just a nightmare but I had some straightening gloss left so I actually blow dried it straight yesterday. Everyone has commented on how nice it looks, one person even said they prefer it straight to curly. I always thought it was the other way around so I’m going to take a straw pole (just to clarify regardless of the results I’ll probably continue to dry it curly as it’s alot less effort, I’m just interested that’s all).

Hahahahahah! Since I started writing this I’ve driven doofuss out to pick up his new motorbike. The kind caring big sister I am had warned him before driving off that this type of rain was a nightmare on a bike and he should take it easy, but what do I know I only had one for 4 years. Clearly deeing me an un-reliable source he ignored me and on the way back home doofuss got cocky went too fast round a corner and came off his bike. So now doofuss needs a new helmet and his nice new bike has several dents and scratches. Well done doofuss, well done. Just to clarify doofuss was fine, didn’t even dent his ego.
Oh and before I go I just want to publically denounce Carolyn over at  Fitnasty for life. She introduced me to the forty days of dating blog  through one of her posts and it has taken over my life! Right I've just noticed the final installment is up so I'm off to read that!


  1. Love your hair either way! I would always pick the style that took the least amount of time, but it's great to have options! I have stick straight hair, so I can't do much with it without a lot of work. In other words, I wear a lot of ponytails!


  2. Aww love your hair either way too! Mine is straight as a board and mousy brown = boring!