Monday, 30 September 2013

Weekend recap

Hello folks!

I don’t have much to report on the weekend. I didn’t go swimming, after a day of shopping we were all too pooped to face the gym. However, I did track every single thing I ate, the good and bad. And its even helped me make better choices without feeling deprived. I decided to go back to eating dark chocolate, i have better self-control over eating just a small amount as opposed to wolfing down the entire bar. Normally I get dark chocolate with chilli, so very very yummy, but Dad persuaded me to try it with ginger instead, suspiciously my bar disappeared very quickly with me only eating half of it, weird, huh?

I had a great chat with a lass from church about PCOS. I’ve known for a while I need to make alterations to my diet to reduce the symptoms, and I have been making headway, I’ve nearly eliminated dairy completely. But, this girl was really advocating cutting out bread completely, I know she’s right but it just makes me so sad, a life without bread just doesn’t seem worth living!

In other news I’m on cooking duty this week which means I can control what we eat, oh the recipes I’m planning!
Right I'm going to drag my butt out the door ffor a run,

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  1. Sorry about missing the swim but sounds like you had a pretty good weekend despite it! I'm not sure I could give up on bread altogether either. Could you eat wheat with PCOS?