Monday, 2 September 2013

It's Sweatember!

Eh up!

Did everyone have a nice weekend? Mine was very chilled, and I was in a funk on Sunday for some inexplicable reason. Anyway that’s by the by, I had a bit of an epiphany. It suddenly hit me why my weight loss has stalled in the past couple of months (or at least part of the reason).


Or lack thereof.

 It makes sense I swear! The university I worked/work for is 80% male. I lived in a house with 4 guys and only 1 other girl, and I worked in an office with 18 guys and 3 girls. All these details have a point I swear! I like to bake when I’m stressed, its not about what I make, although I have a sweet tooth so I do enjoy the outcome, its more about the process. I find it very therapeutic, the more complicated the recipe the better, it helps me disconnect from whatever it is freaking me out, for the 40minutes it takes I completely forget about it and when I do have to return to reality I’m far more relaxed. Things still suck at work and although I’ve tried to cut down on the frequency I still turn to baking occasionally. However, I’m not around all those boys anymore. Before I could bake and be 100% certain than within an hour the gannets masquerading as boys that worked or lived with would have demolished it and temptation would have been removed. Now that I’m home the baked goods don’t disappear on their own, and eventually my will-power dwindles and I eat it.

I have tried switching up my normal recipes for healthier versions, some of them with greater success than others (I’ll share some of them with you soon). But at the end of the day 16 low cal brownies, whilst better than 16 full fat brownies, are still 15 more brownies than I need! And to think I used to think the state the left the bathroom in meant I’d never miss them, who knew they were actually a blessing in disguise!

In other news yesterday was the first day of Sweatember .

I had grand plans to kick it off with a bang, but in the end all I ended up doing was hula-hooping for 30minutes, which is still more than I would have done normally so I guess this means its already a success? I notice quite a few other bloggers are making real commitments with September too which is brilliant! What about you guys, anyone doing anything specific for the month of September?

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