Thursday, 5 September 2013

NSV thursday!

This is definitely one of my favourite link-ups hosted by the lovely Katie and Ashlee.
And I think its an important one. I don’t know about everyone else but sometimes I can get a little bit obsessive about the scale and allow it to dictate how I’m feeling, this link-up and reading everyone else’s stories helps keep it in perspective for me!
So my NSV is that I have worked out everyday this week, some days I’ve done more than others but since Monday I have done something to get my sweat on everyday. And that is something I am super excited about because my pervious personal record on that front is working out 3 times within a week!!!
Also after yesterdays love letter to MFP, the jury is in with it’s verdict which is that whilst i CAN eat back all my burnt calories I don’t have to. So I think I’ll eat some of them back, I always get the serious munchies after intense exercise but I’ll try and limit myself to only eating what I need to refrain from gnawing on my own arm and not eat the whole shebang. We’ll give a week or so working on that basis and see how it goes, I might have to reassess my stance after that but for now that’s my plan.
Well with that in mind I better go check on the soup that I've left cooking on the stove!


  1. Nice job! I've kept my eating under control but I really need to work on my activity. I try to get out for a run, but end up taking care of things at home and never making it out the door. I need to remember that just because I didn't have time for a run, it doesn't mean I can't do something else - even just a short burst to get my heart rate up.

    Great job this week!!


  2. Great job! I am working on my eating habits as well and trying to keep them under control Stopping by from the link up

  3. Wahoo on the working out, that is awesome!! I have gotten really caught up in the scale lately and it sucks!! You are doing great and I almost always eat back some of my burned calories too!! Thanks for linking up with us!!

  4. Awesome NSV with the daily workouts! I don't know if I can commit that much, but that's seriously impressive!!

  5. It always inspires me to find bloggers! Hi, I'm Alexia! I admire your perserverance! I wish I could be like that!

  6. Great job! I struggle with not eating back all my exercise calories. After running I am hungry, so I try to shoot for eating half of them back. Keep up the good work! :)

  7. You are awesome! Way to get your workout on so many days this week! Keep it up!

  8. I used to be a scale addict. Every single day. Every little pound. Finally kicked it and decided that if I exercise, I can eat what I want. Glad to find you through the link up! Great job! Keep it up!