Thursday, 26 September 2013


Originally I wasn’t going to write anything today, let alone join this link-up but then I realised that actually whilst yesterday’s revelation isn’t so grand on the weight-loss front (more on that in a bit) it should definitely count as an NSV.
 I’ve never really liked my body. Even when I was competitively swimming I felt I was the wrong shape (thanks boobs) and it often got me un-wanted attention (again thanks boobs). Then when I got older and put on weight I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, and even though I’m still bigger than I have been at various points in my adult life, something has changed. Sure I can still look at a photo and feel it makes me look fat (but I think there is somesort of voodoo that occurs when you have your photo taken, great outfits can look hideous in a photo, but I digress). And I can certainly still stand to loose another 40lbs at least, and I want to loose those 40lbs for lots of reasons. But, I’m finally at a place I can appreciate what my body does for me, yesterday someone posted a comment that said “you like your body at the moment.... enjoy it” and I think I finally am. I enjoy what I can do with it, especially running. I like the clothes I can wear with it, hello boyfriend fit jeans. So my NSV is making peace with my body!
 However, as the wonderful Desiree pointed out it can be a slippery slope from being comfortable to complacency and then gaining all the weight back. And she is so very right, so i need to stop resting on my laurels and just get on with it. It doesn’t mean I have to start hating my body again but it does mean I can’t stop working on it. Just think of all the other things I could start enjoying if I lost more weight (I so want to be a yoga girl but boobs and back fat are making it super difficult). And if we’re looking really far into the future there are so many cute running shorts I would love to be able to wear.
So this is the deal. I’m going to go back to tracking food, this is key for weight loss for me. And now that I am no-longer unwell and my ankle has had time to rest I need to get my lazy behind back exercising again. And as added motivation once I have lost another stone I’m going to dye my hair red (wanted to do it for a long time but always chicken out).
Toodles folks!


  1. This is totally the perfect NSV I think! Great job! And you are so right! Appreciate your body...right now!

  2. I love this post! Kudos to you and your body! I do feel like appreciating one's own body is a very essential step to weight loss. I even read it in a magazine (after discovering it myself).

  3. I think this is the best NSV EVER!! I don't know that I have ever been comfortable with my body, and to be comfortable in your own skin is AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. That has to be the best NSV ever. It's hard to make peace with yourself. Congratulations. It's huge!

  5. Making peace with your body is probably one of the biggest victories to be had! Congrats on getting there and good luck on the next part of the weight loss. :D