Monday, 23 September 2013

Sorry for the lateness, I want to let you know what I got up to this weekend.

It was quite simply wonderful. I love my bestie, she is quite simply the best (oh the puns, must resist!). I arrived got her up to speed with the joys of everything that been going on with work this week and she was normal awesome self in response. She doesn’t read this but I think the universe needs to know just how brilliant she is. I’m an awkward customer, I need supportive friends but not sooooo much or I feel smothered which makes me grump and Em has always been able to deliver exactly the type of friendship I need at anyone point (it helps that shes’s the same way!). Anyway the point is she helped, she let me vent it all, didn’t judge, offered to inflict bodily harm on those that needed it and then went through interview questions with me in case I get an interview. And then, and this is the best bit, left it. Yup, that’s right folks 1 hour of intense talk on Friday and then it was over.

The rest of the weekend was a blast. We didn’t really do anything special, but Em and I are such good friends we don’t have to its all about chilling, besides which any weekend where you get to spend a good portion of it in your Pjs is a winner to me! James cooked us breakfast on Saturday morning whilst we watched toddlers and tiaras (why was this show missing from my life?!?). Then the Em’s brother in-law delivered their old futon mattress for me (the origina kinda sucks) so we spent some time attempting to drag it up the stairs, we got there eventually but it wasn’t pretty! We ran errands and visited her parents (who are like second parents to me). James and her Dad were off to see a local football match so we went to Hatton. It’s one of our favourite haunts, it’s the bizarre village place that’s just made up of crafty shops, candles, jewellery, antiques, ect ect, and most importantly (and the real reason we visit) the fudge shop. We deviated ffrom standard practice and instead of getting fudge tried some of their truffles. I had the most amazing lime and chilli dark chocolate truffle, it was seriously out of this world, a good blogger would have taken photos, this one just inhaled them!

In the evening we went out for dinner to an American restaurant, where I got to have sweet potato fries (I love them sooooo much). Then we went to see About time, Em had already seen it but wanted James and I to see it. Most amazing film ever! If you haven’t seen it then you need to! Sunday was more of the same, more errands, more family time. James introduced me to Gaelic football (he’s Irish), it’s a seriously weird and confusing game, Emma claims to understand it but I think she’s faking! Then there was more scrummy food and then we finished the weekend with Downton abbey. Perfection!

Oh and James fixed the bug on my laptop which was causing problems with word (I knew I liked that boy!)

Because I wanted to see Downton I was late leaving and then sadly there was an accident on the road which held me up for a very long-time. Convieniently the que started just as I reached my favourite service station (its located just outside my under-grad uni) so I pulled in for a quick pit-stop and hit-up Starbucks which is luckily 24hr! Sadly pumpkin spice lattes haven’t made an appearance over here yet and I had to try and explain to the lad behind the counter why they were so awesome (I’m not sure I was successful), but as a consolation prize he up-graded me to a signature hot chocolate, Yay!

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