Friday, 18 October 2013

Brain dump friday and a cheat sheet

Brain dump Friday!

·         Yesterdays run was rubbish! My legs just felt so tired from the get go. They felt so heavy and it felt like I had to work really hard to maintain a ridiculously slow pace. I was supposed to be running for 30 mins but stopped at 25 because I was so tired and that’s with multiple walking breaks. Sucks! I’m hoping its the result of giving blood and that things will return to normal.

·         I made creole beef hotpot last night, its not technically a pie, but hot pot is practically pie, so it may be making an appearance on pie Tuesday at some point.

·         Work kinda sucks. Less said the better.

·         I decided to do a cheat sheet for you guys, I realise sometimes I use random phases that you may not be familiar with so I present you with a guide to Kirstyisms!

            -       crivens, crikey........ exclamations of surprise

-       eeee, by gum....... usually when I’m at a loss for words, or when I’m tired it’s a good all purpose phrase

-       eh up chuck...... hi, how are you?

-       chuffed..... happy/pleased

-       fiddle sticks....... I probably use this when other people would swear, mostly when things go wrong lol

-       lurgy....... flu/illness

-       naff..... when things are rubbish/un-cool

-       nitwit....... used when talking about the guys in the office..... basically a plonker, wait do you even know plonker, a bit of a doofus?

-       Numpty..... same as above but a bit nicer...........the guys are nit wits, children in my Sunday school class are numpty’s

-       Pants........ when things are rubbish/not good

-       be reet........ good general phrase, everything will be OK, it’ll all work out

-       Skinny malinky......... someone thin and lanky

-       Bahooky........... backside as in get off your bahooky and make me a cup of tea!!! Manky/mingin.......... dirty/grubby

-       Peely wally....... some one whose pale..... sooooo I’m peely wally but also I would maybe describe someone who is looking a bit green around the gills as looking peely wally

-       Bonnie...... pretty/beautiful, (nb all little girls are bonnie lasses)

 Any other phases I’ve used that you want translating?
Ok I’m off I’m absolutely pooped today even though I haven’t really done anything! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.



  1. Loved this post! As I went through all of the phrases, I obviously added in my terrible Scottish accent in my head. I'm sre it's much better when you say it. :)

  2. Love it! I'm always confused with Bob's Your Uncle. Can you give me a explanation of that one! :D