Friday, 11 October 2013

Brain dump Friday!

It’s brain dump Friday!!! And you know what that means..... you guys have to put up with whatever jumbled rubbish comes out of my mind because its all linked by the brain dump theme!!!! You’re welcome! Here goes:

·         Remember the post where I talked about the different personalities of all the scales I own? Well I’m now convinced that Mr sensitive is actually sentient. Sentient and deliberately messing with my head. I was down to 190 on Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday I was back up to 191, yesterday I jumped all the way up to 193 and today 192. Some people would argue that this is a sign I need to stop weighing myself everyday, I think the more realistic explanation is clearly that Mr sensitive is an evil and vindictive scale!

·         As you know I’m in the process of finishing up my Mphil which means job hunting. I’m really struggling with it, because I over think things. Because I’m not just choosing a job, I’m choosing a life, a different version of me. Let me explain:

-       the job in Cairngorns as a ranger (a super remote part of North East Scotland). I would be living in a great location for running (yes running really is that big a deal to me now that I really do think that). I would be hours from the nearest town which means going to an old school Kirk (Church of Scotland). Also I am un-likely to meet anyone and would probably be single FOREVER. I would also become incredibly outdoorsy, probably get into kayaking.

-       the job in Stirling as a youth and sustainability officer. I would end up becoming super earnest where the environment is concerned. I would also definitely get into yoga and alternative beauty therapies.

-       Glasgow green officer, similar to above but less fruity, because well Glasgow. Also I would end up freakishly close to all my cousins. And have an incredible umbrella collection.

-       Jobs in London..... I’d be in London it’s just not me so I’m not going there.

-       Cornwall...... so far away from all my family, I don’t want to live too close to them but I couldn’t physically get further from them without leaving the UK. Also it’s so flat, is it wrong to judge an area for a lack of hills?

-       And finally Edinburgh. I will be a redhead and probably get a tiny but cute tattoo on my ankle (don’t ask me why this is just what I envision). I would not take up yoga but would probably be very into running and would probably run along the coast alot. Also like Glasgow I would end up with an impressive collection of Umbrellas.

·         Finally after Tuesday when I talked about the lengths I went to over the weekend for pie I realised everyone loves pie, I mean of course they do pie is awesome! So in honour of the awesomeness of pie I’ve decided to make a regular thing out of it: pie Tuesday. Every week I’ll feature a different pie and recipe. I’ll try and make the majority of them diet friendly. In honour of the pie that inspired it, the first pie Tuesday will feature lemon meringue pie. If anyone has any requests or even better a pie recipe they want to share please let me know. I may or may not be a little over excited by this idea, i really do love pie!

·         Finally I’m off up North this weekend to visit family for Grampa’s birthday. Normally this means lots of bad food choices. However, I’ve been asked to make 2 desserts, my brownies and one other, I’m thinking of using it as an opportunity to test out the lower cal lemon meringue pie! And as for the rest of the time I’m going to do my best not to go crazy and try and track everything, wish me luck.

Well that’s all folks, hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I’ll be back Monday.



  1. LMAO I love your mental descriptions of how you would end up and ..umbrellas. LOL Hope you enjoy your weekend with your family. Don't eat too much pie!

  2. I believe Edinburgh sounds fabulous. All of those places you mentioned I WANT to visit in my lifetime. All of the jobs sound so amazing! Also, amazing umbrella collection? I need to buy one!

    PIE TUESDAY. AMAZING. Does it have to be a sweet pie? Or can you make something like, chicken pot pie. Mmmmm.... pie.