Friday, 25 October 2013

Brain dump Friday!

So excited that it’s the weekend folks!

·         I went to the fancy pants running shop but came away without any new friends. I have normal feet (the only time I’ve been called normal! They said I have a slight over-pronation on my left foot but as I’ve been running with vibrams for so long and haven’t had any problems he would recommend sticking to a shoe with light support. Which is what I already figured, also confirmed that I wanted a lightweight shoe with a low profile and a low heel to toe drop. I guess its good to know that I was definitely on the right lines but they only had 1 shoe that fitted those requirements and I wasn’t 100% sold on them and as they cost £100 (c. $160) I decided to give it a miss. Now I know that I don’t need any special support I might just hit-up the high street and see if I can find something there. Although I am tempted to just buy more froggy shoes but I’m worried that further down the line I’ll be wishing I had a tad more cushioning. Curses on the local council for closing my trail route, this would all be so much easier if I wasn’t running on the road!!

·         Oh and I had to run on a treadmill, we did not get along apparently I looked like bambi on ice, except less co-ordinated!

·          A friend of mine is dieting at the moment and she sent me a text yesterday to say it was fish and chip night but that she’d removed all the batter from her fish. I’m sure she was telling me so I could congratulate her on the MASSIVE amount of willpower that must have taken, but all I could think was what a waste of perfectly good batter :s .  I could be missing the point.

·         Went to a pub quiz last night with a bunch of folks form church. I wore my new blouse and new cardigan, mustard and navy stripes go right????

·         Also look I have actual froggy shoes on. Have you guys ever come across a brand called irregular choice, I love alot of their stuff, its lipstick but its so high maintenance, after it’s worn off I can never be bothered with the re-application/up-keep required #lazygirlproblems!

·       I love the look of bold lipstick but its so high maintenance, after it’s worn off I can never be bothered with the re-application/up-keep required #lazygirlproblems!

·         Said pub quiz was £1 entry and came with a free sausage bap, I tried so hard to resist but at 10.30pm the smell was over-whelming and it was soooooo good!

·         My obsession with frozen yoghurt continues un-abated, I may or may not have finished an entire 750ml tub in a week. Maybe, I’m admitting nothing!

·         I have no idea what pie to do this week :s

·         I still have a massive bruise on my arm from donating blood! Its been over a week, fade already!

·         What does everyone think about organ donation? I was watching Emily Owens MD the other day and it was a bit of a theme on the show (btw slightly obsessed with that show). Anyway it got me thinking about it, I know its a great thing to do, but the thought of it makes me feel........icky. I’d love to know what you guys think!

Right a spot of work and then a run is on the cards for me today. I hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!




  1. Have a wonderful weekend yourself! You look so pretty going to the pub quiz! Enjoy your run today!

  2. Realizing you have to get shoes cause a trail closed oooo that is so sad! I hope you can find a good pair of shoes on the cheaper side. Or just the perfect pair in general cause good shoes that feel good and make you happy to run will be worth whatever the end price is :D