Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Exercise hurts!

So what I completely forgot to mention in my weekend re-cap was pie. I love all forms of pie, meat pie, potato pie, apple pie the list goes on. Anyway this weekend we had lemon meringue pie in the house. I knew I couldn’t resist it. Ok, that’s not the whole story, I thought I could, then I inexplicably found myself scarfing down a piece and decided to come up with a  new plan which actually took into consideration my complete and utter lack of willpower!

Anyway, in-order to off-set the pie (which was from M&S, for those of you who aren’t British this means it was THE BEST PIE EVER) I decided to get my hula-hoop out again. 2 years ago (i.e. the last time I lost weight) I really got into hula hooping, and by into it I mean I would justify watching things like the big bang theory and Miranda when I should have been working by hula hooping to them. As a result I’m pretty good at it, I can’t do anything fancy but I can keep it going for an hour or so.

So after a pub lunch and pie on Saturday I used MFP to work out I needed to hoop for just over an hour. No problemo I thought, I’ve got an episode of Atlantis and Miranda to watch on iplayer this is doable!. Well folks, let me tell you just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you should! I forgot that there is a reason it’s recommended to build up the time slowly, to give your body time to adjust, because when you don’t it hurts sooooooo bad. My hips and stomach are all bruised!

There is no moral to the story, I just wanted sympathy and thought I’d try the internet as my ever loving parents just laughed!

Right I put off my run yesterday but I can’t do that again as I had mackerel for lunch and a cookie so I need to drag my butt out the door!


  1. Wow! Hula hooping for an hour! Way to go - sorry you're bruised. I'll give you some sympathy! But not too much because you're doing better than me in the activity department! :) great job bumping up your activity to offset a poor food choice! I bet it was delicious and totally worth the pain anyway!

  2. Hula hooping for an hour!? You're badass!

    I also love pie, all kinds of pie. mmm....

  3. Geez! Hula Hooping I bet is a killer workout! Great job but owie! And girl, enjoy that pie, and just work it off too!

  4. I love pie too! But I can't hula hoop. There must be a secret to keeping the hoop up!