Monday, 7 October 2013

Monday catch-up

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Hello folks, I seem to have un-intentionally slipped off the radar for a few days, I just can’t seem to commit to blogging at the weekends! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was very chilled, run, pub lunch, hula-hooping, church, old-movie fest, pretty much my weekend in a nut-shell. As I missed my usual brain-dump Friday I thought I’d do it today. So here goes:

·         My run on Saturday was good, it was supposed to be 25min straight but I had to stop and walk twice, firstly for yet more headphone issues and secondly when I get back to the village and there is pavement (sidewalk) to run on the entire thing is on a slant which is uncomfortable to run on and as I was knackered at this point I decided to walk that stretch until the pavement levels out again. I really wanted to give-up a couple of times towards the end but I made it with an average pace just under an 11minute mile, woop.

·         Tragically I think it might be my headphone jack on the phone which is the problem (if it is it’s a major disaster because the phone isn’t even a year old). I found a freebie set of headphones to use and they started out fine but as soon as I started running the music kept cutting in and out, and it was driving me insane! I’ve looked out a pair of ancient headphones to try with the next run, they are robust so hopefully they will fare better otherwise I may cry!

·         I love village life, most runs as well as the’morning greeting (who am I kidding, I never make it out in the morning so I’m always greeted with ‘noon) there is always one person who says something encouraging, the cyclist telling me I’m doing well or the dog walker who told me not to stop running (I’d stopped for a walking session just as I encountered him). It’s nice

·         Still no word from the botanical gardens so it’s not looking like I’ve got an interview, sad face.

·         Living reasonably near the coast means we get the most awesome sunsets:

That’s everything I think,


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  1. Hopefully I maybe fixed the reply problem XD

    That sunset is amazing! And I hope that your old but new headphones will fix the problem. Congrats on 11 min miles even with your two moments of walking :D

  2. Throwing another test for replies :O

  3. Sorry about the lack of the interview. Maybe they will keep you in mind for something else. Ok yea, you win the best sunset picture award....ever! Even more reason for me to visit England one day! /sigh