Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Pie Tuesday!!!

It’s pie Tuesday again!

I like pie. And now thanks to pie Tuesday I like Tuesdays, win! Oh and just a heads up your definition of pie may be different to mine, as long as it says pie in the recipie title I’m sold, also if I think it resembles pie, like hot-pot does. Anyho, I love this pie so much. And the way I make it works out at 589 calories (I reduce the potatoes and meat down to 3 peoples worth but keep everything else the same because mmmmm veg), but I suspect if you make it properly it’ll be even less! But whatever way you make it this pie tastes soooo good you’ll soon be wandering how you ever lived your life without it!

Bacon and vegetable pie (makes 4)
794g potatoes (the floury kind which makes good mash)
198g carrots, finely chopped
100g green beans, finely chopped
100g courgettes, finely chopped
100g celery, finely chopped
283g lean bacon, all visible fat removed and roughly chopped 9again I'm talking about bacon medaions or canadian bacon here folks)
1 large onion
3 eggs
511g Ham, roughly chopped
4tsp parsely
198 fat free onion and chive cottage cheese
100g frozen peas
-       Boil and mash the potatoes

-       Boil carrots, beans, courgettes and celery

-       Stir-fry bacon and onion

-       Whisk the eggs, parsley and cottage cheese

-       Mix veg with above then add in potatoes and spread into oven-proof casserole dish.

-       Sprinkle with grated low fat cheese (100g ish) and bake for 35-45 @180

Stuff your face with the ridiculously generous portion this gives and then drift off into a pie induced food coma!
Also I apologise for being the world's worst blogger and forgetting to take photos. Especially as I only remembered after this fail of an attempt at dishing-up!

If anyone else has healthy pie recipes they think deserve a spot on pie Tuesday let me know. There is no such thing as too much pie!


  1. Yum! Canadian bacon is the best, but I'm bias. ;)

  2. Oh that looks so good. I'm ironically enough, eating leftover Shepard's pie for lunch right now, so this post was perfect timing!