Monday, 14 October 2013

Monday catch-up

Well I’m baaaaaack!

I had a BRILLIANT weekend. There was lots of cooking, eating, yelling and arguments (which I won, obvs) whiskey and midnight trips to Glasgow.

Saturday started off incredibly lazy, and I fully intended to go for a run (I mean I was still in my Pjs at midday because I didn’t see the point of getting dressed before my run) but then my Uncle offered to take Linley and I to the club for lunch, and never one to forgo a free meal I agreed! Then in the afternoon I had to finish baking desserts for dinner, in between dodging missiles launched at me by my little brother. Linley and I  were late to dinner (d’oh) which earned us alot of abuse, but David, Linley’s wee brother who was also late was allowed to slip in without comment being passed, blatant favouritism!. There was soooo much food folks. Pie, and lamb and stew and pasta and dozens of potato accompaniments. I was reasonably good, I only had a small piece of steak pie. But then the puddings came out and my resolve which started off great, a small piece of my reduced calorie pie dissolved as the night went on, they just continued sit there calling to me! Then after that there was some amazing whiskey (David shared the good stuff, now I know why he’s the favourite) and the trip into Glasgow to deposit David and his pal.

Sunday I spent a ridiculous amount of time attempting to locate my dropped contact lens, but no joy. So I comforted myself by having a proper Scottish cooked breakfast. Then took the pup for a long walk, which thanks to some good Scottish hills felt like an amazing work-out!


Oh and this is Titan and I want to steal him.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for pie Tuesday!


  1. Such pretty scenary! Sounds like a great time

  2. Titan is HUGE! What a cutie!

    All these photos make me want to go to Scotland. Beautiful!