Thursday, 3 October 2013

NSV Thursday

I had a horrible nightmare last night, so when I woke up naturally I turned to sugar in the form of syrup in my porridge, this is considered sacrilege in my family who are traditionalists and believe the only acceptable addition is salt. Anyway probably not the best move i could have made but I did track it on MFP, and that’s my NSV this week. For the past week I have tracked everything I’ve eaten, the good, the bad and the ugly! This is such a huge deal for someone who doesn’t like to track anything that could be considered “bad” especially in such a public forum, so I’m super excited about this.
Moving on. I went for another run yesterday and managed to shave another 20s off my pace. This is a minor miracle as my headphones decided mid-run was the perfect time to start dying and I kept getting distracted trying to wiggle them about to get the sound back! So I’m going to have to invest in new headphones as I NEED music when I run and I need the verbal ques from the training app too! Talking of apps, I have several running whilst running, including runkeeper. Well when I got back I tried to update it the thing crashed! After 5 minutes waiting for it to recover I gave up and decided to delete the app, thinking I could re-download it afterwards. Wrong! I love my iphone but at times like this I could really grow to hate it, every time I try to re-download the stupid app there is just a little cloud symbol, you’d think that would mean it was backed up on the cloud, but noooooooooo. I just want runkeeper back, why is it so hard! Tantrum over.
Also one of the things about living in the countryside, it doesn’t matter if I’m running through fields, or on the road I can’t escape these things and their judgemental stares.
I swear I’m not paranoid. Cows are evil and they judge me. Even more than cats, and everyone knows they live to judge.


  1. LOL about the cows! It's Canadian Geese that judge me! I have the best earbuds. I think they are called Yurbuds or something like that but they fit in perfectly (and I have weird shaped ears) Maybe you can look around for some. Here's the website link:

    Sorry about the apps crashing.

  2. I hope you can get the app back! Congrats on logging and shaving time off your run :D