Thursday, 31 October 2013

NSV Thursday!

So my NSV this week? The fact that after falling off track at the beginning of the week I’ve spent yesterday and taking steps to get myself back on track. I’ve visited the sports shop more times than I care to admit buying and exchanging trainers, but I finally have the ones I wanted without getting bullied into buying something else (which happened the first 2 times, d’oh!). They are a tad larger than I would like as they don’t do half sizes, but other than that I know they are the right choice for me.
Yesterday I also visited the super-market on the way back from the sports shop, and bought more Halloween candy. Not only did I go for malteasers (malt balls) which are a lighter option so that I can indulge without it being a big deal but also aside from 1 treat sized pack it’s still all there! I made a huge pot of soup for my lunches and a game plan for dinners.
I don’t want to give the impression that its been all doom and gloom around here, so I’m going to share an incident from the weekend that has had my loving friends and family laughing. On Saturday we were trawling around all the  outdoors shops for some walking sandals for my parents holiday (we aren’t a family of forward planners). Anyway we were in the fancy outdoor shop, and I got  excited by a children’s backpack made to turn children into a crocodile (can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome that is?). Anyway one of the employees came over and showed me the ladybird version that had a hood attached with eyes and antennae!!! And then he was telling me about other options, including ones with wings, I continue to be supremely disappointed it doesn’t come in adult sizes. Anyway as we were leaving mum said you do realise he liked you right? I dismissed her, but dad said oh no he definitely like you, as my dad is universally acknowledged to be clueless it is especially bad that he noticed. SO I’m not sure what the most awkward part of this story is, the fact that I’m the only one that didn’t notice or the fact he was hitting on me in-front of my parents?


  1. Hahaha! You should TOTALLY go back and then get his number!!!!

  2. Yea, definitely go back there and ask about something else! :D