Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Oh my goodness I’m late getting this up today!

I had the most fantastic run yesterday. I’m still in week 6 which is a repeat of Thursday’s run. But I felt gooooood. And I knew my pace was faster, I was hitting turnings, houses ect sooner than last time, but most noticeably I was back at the village before I’d even finished my 2nd running stint. My ankles felt good, the only point they felt a little off was as I was pelting down the hill in the village, but it’s a steep hill and I’ll just avoid it in future, minimalist shoes, concrete and a steep incline just isn’t that comfortable! And I had to cut my cool-down walk short because I’d made it home, so I think maybe I need to work out a new route. Anyway it was quite clear that I’d maintained a faster pace but even still I was surprised when runkeeper informed me that I’d shaved a whole minute off my average pace, making it a 12.30 mile, which I’m pretty chuffed about considering it includes the walking periods so when I’m actually running I must be maintaining a pretty good pace!

I have been diligently tracking with MFP, everything I eat gets recorded, even if it’s not so good. However, I don’t think I’m using it quite the way intended...... I convert all uneaten calories to chocolate! I think I need to work on that, opps!

And so that this isn’t a completely photo-less post, I’ll include one of the lovely views from my run. It’s such a pretty area to run in but I never want to stop to take a photo, but I do need to get better taking photos!


  1. Haha! I think it's ok to use up your daily calories in chocolate! I say stick with it, maybe just try not to eat your calories you gain from activity. Sounds like you had a great run and it looks like you live in a BEAUTIFUL place! It sounds to peaceful to talk about approaching the "village." Congrats on the run and tracking! (I'm 2Momma2 on mfp)

  2. Oh my goodness, girl you rocked it! What a wonderful run and excellent pace too! I love the pic as well! Wish my scenery was a bit nicer on my runs!