Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Weigh in wednesday and a goodbye to a faithful companion

Weigh in Wednesday!!!
Weigh In Wedneday
Sooooooo I was all excited about this. I thought getting down to 189 meant I no-longer had an obese bmi, and that I was just over-weight. I have no idea where I got that theory from though because it is completely and utterly wrong, I need to get all the way down to 185, I’m really bummed about this, I was so super excited to think I was just over-weight. Oh well, I’ll get there eventually its just not this week. However, this morning when I weighed in I was only 188, which means a 3lb loss this week, which totally makes up for still being obese lol! I NEVER loose 3lbs, most weeks I loose 1, if its been an especially good week I’ll loose 2 so I am over the moon with this loss. All this pie must agree with me ;)

Moving on as well as this awesome news, I have some sad news to share. My beloved froggy shoes (known to normal people as vibram 5 fingers) are dying. They are currently holding onto life by a hairs breath, they have recently had to have emergency surgery, the material on the Big toe split, and several of the toes (4 to be precise) have been worn through and have been patched up with puncture repair kits. Some people would say that this means that they are well past being due to be replaced but I’m emotionally attached to them. I think it may be time to say goodbye, but letting go is so hard.

Switching to these shoes was a turning point for me, I actually started to enjoy running. We’ve been together for 3 years my frog shoes and I and in that time we’ve been through a lot together. They’ve forgiven me countless times when I have broken up with running only to come crawling back later, they never held a grudge for the months of neglect they suffered. They’ve been there for me through disastrous lab incidents, emergency funding meetings, these shoes were there to help me burn off some energy. They have stood by me when we were ridiculed by well meaning members of the public, farmers, dog walkers, cyclists, it didn’t matter because we knew we were the perfect match. We have run dirt bike race courses together and have a shared love of mud. I mean sure you are a bit hazardous in the rain due to your amazingly smooth soles but that’s OK no-one is perfect. I wrote a love letter here declaring my love for them and why we go together like apples and  cinnamon. Then we hit a rocky patch when trail running was no-longer available and we had to venture out on the roads, there was even our first ever injury but we’ve worked through it. I’m just not sure I’m ready to let you move on to that shoe closet in the sky.
I have this fear, this nagging suspicion that if I say good bye to you now that we’ll be forever parted. You see running on the road isn’t your forte, and if that’s what I’m going to have to do for 6 months or so then maybe I need to try out a different shoe. Sure you’ll be dead, but I can’t help but feel that even from beyond the grave this will feel like a huge betrayal. So I’m sorry frog shoes, I just don’t know what to do for the best, just know that whatever happens you’ll always hold a special place in my heart as the shoes that taught me how to love running.
So this weekend I will be saying goodbye to my beloved froggy shoes and venturing out into the big wide world in search of a new running companion, it’s all a little bit daunting but it’s time. So if anyone has any suggestions for my new running bff feel free to let me know.


  1. You were so attached to your shoes! Maybe you can find a similar pair? I know another will never replace them, but hopefully you'll find an acceptable pair to try next.

    Congratulations on the loss! 3 pounds! AMAZING! You rock!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss!! I think I remember having the same revelation about hitting the point of no longer being obese right around the same weight, so we must be close to the same height! Even if you didn't hit that milestone yet-- you're really close!!

    I'm sad to see your crazy froggy shoes go! But who knows, you may just find an equally great companion to replace them :) I personally recommend going to an actual running store and getting fitted, because that'll give you the best chance of getting the shoes tailored to your feet and running style. I have Saucony's and I love them!

  3. 3 pound loss! Girl that is awesome!!!

    Hope you can find some new froggy shoes that are just as good if not better!