Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Weigh in wednesday confessional

Weigh In Wedneday
OK so I wasn’t going to post today, let alone join this link-up but then I realised that defeats the purpose of blogging entirely, how can it be an accountability tool if I’m not completely honest? SO here goes. I slept badly (which is always the start of things going wrong for me, this girl needs at least 8hrs sleep to function properly). So I woke up Monday and it wasn’t off to a great start. Also My parents disappeared in the wee hours of the morning to sunnier climes for a break..... so we have the beginnings of the conditions required for a perfect storm. It took me a while to get the day and going and didn’t start to get ready for my run until after lunch. As soon as I put the new running shoes on I knew something wasn’t right, I forgot to take my toe-toe socks shopping with me so I just tried them on with normal trainer socks, I thought the 6 would be fine but I knew the moment I tried them on with my weird toe socks I could actually do with an extra half size. And as my froggy shoes have completely  fallen apart I couldn’t go out in them. I thought about returning them immediately but there is a severe weather warning in the area and I didn’t fancy driving out to town in it (I’ve only got a little car and it tends to get buffeted around by the wind). And obviously the only response was to eat all the candy we had in for Halloween, bad but not tragic, as I was still within MFP calorie allowance. Then work wise things didn’t go for very well and I was feeling sorry for myself so I went to the shop and bought MORE chocolate. Which I followed up with a full fry-up. I felt terrible afterwards, my body did not appreciate all the junk.
And I woke up on Tuesday weighing more, after another bad nights sleep, weighed in at an extra 1.5lbs. I decided to do some research on the running shoes I bought, turns out they probably aren’t quite what I need. So then I started to do some research into shoes to exchange them for and got all over-whelmed and stressed out. And then because I’m irrational and I already weighed an extra 1.5lbs obviously means that I should throw in the towel and eat with abandon.
But enough is enough. Today I haven’t made the best choices, lots of processed food, but still within my calorie allowance. After I hit the post button I’m going to shower and go into town and exchange my shoes. And tomorrow I will just start with a clean slate.
One day I will over-come this emotional dependence on food that leads to binging, but it is taking less time for me to recognise my destructive behaviour and stop it.
SO my goal for this coming week, to un-do the damage and maybe a little more. And to get back to cleaner eating habits, which means I need to plan my meals ect.
I hope everyone had a better weekend!


  1. You recognized your over-eating and are moving forward. Kudos to you! You could have let it escalate and continue, but you didn't. Nothing to be ashamed of. This weight loss gig, it's a battle and let me tell you, the enemy fights DIRTY and knows every trigger. So on to bigger and better things. Kick next week's butt! :)

  2. Sorry about the crappy last few days. But you are doing great by picking up the pieces and just moving forward. That's already a step in the right direction!
    Did you guys fare ok in the storm? I read about it on CNN.

  3. The first step to turning things around is recognizing/acknowledging the emotional eating. Great job!