Friday, 8 November 2013

brain dump friday!


It’s the best day of the week!

·         So this evening I’m going to Nikki and Marcus’ house. Originally Catherine and I thought we were going for pizza and movies. I’d even planned to turn up in my pj’s and paint my nails and possibly even do face masks. But now they’ve gone and invited other people, some of whom are guys I don’t know and therefore its nolonger acceptable to arrive in my pj’s, curses on forced socialising that requires me to wear clothing!

·         I spent last night baking for the wedding on Saturday, it is impossible to bake without sampling the goods! I made flapjack, and brownies and shortbread. The brownies are not going to make it to the wedding, I was baking late at night and decided to leave them to cool overnight, forgetting that its impossible to remove them once cooled, so now they will be going to the party with me tonight and they will just have to be eaten straight from the tray.

·         Last nights baking spree had me thinking about recipes. There are some recipes I will share, some recipes you have to earn and some that aren’t mine to share. I’m fairly sure the only reason Emma puts up with my mum’s incessant pestering over when she’s going to get married is because she knows mum is the keeper of the recipes and staying in her good graces is the only way to keep access to them, mum is a tad over-protective of the shortbread and clootie pudding recipes!


Right folks, I’ll try not to drop off the radar next week, in the meantime wish me luck with my enforced socialising!




  1. That sounds like a perfect girlfriend night, that got trounced by MEN. Ugh. Stupid men.

    Okay, please explain what a "flapjack" is? I immediately though of pancakes, but wasn't sure.

    You should like a fantastic cook. I wish you could cook for me everyday. :) Especially SWEETS!

  2. Sorry the weekend plans got changed a bit but hoping you had a good time!