Friday, 29 November 2013

Eh up it’s Friday!

Eh up it’s Friday!

I went to the pub quiz again last night, it was a really mixed group which made it fun. Although as a team we kinda sucked, if we weren’t last we were pretty close! This week I was prepared I knew there was free snack so I made a lighter dinner and went for a run so I could indulge guilt free. There was a rumour going around that it wasn’t a sausage bap this week but instead pie, which was a double edged sword, I love pie but there is no way I could have a pub pie without it affecting the scales, fortunately it turned out to be false, supper was a chip butty and guys famous spicey mayo, mmmmm soooooooo good!
Ooooo talking of yesterday's run. I used map my run before going out to work out a couple of routes with increasing distances. Hannah reminded me that we were going to sign up for a 5k obstacle course and ever since I got my new shoes I've been slacking! I need to build up my endurance so I can run the entire 5k in a respectable time! She claims she's not  a great runner but I know she'll be great at the obstacles so I need to up my running game because I know I'll be useless at the obstacles! Anyway the point is I now have a couple of routes mapped out with increasing distances to get me all the way up to 5k. I figure if I start with the shorter one an build my way up I'll be sorted, I've done the C25k somanytimes and I always seem to end up having to repeat the last 3 weeks for whatever reason I just can't face it again! 

It has to be short and sweet today because hopefully I’m about to pick up a rocker for mum’s Christmas!




  1. What is chip butty? Sounds intriguing.

    Also, are you signing up for something similar to a Spartan Race? 5K with obstacles? SO PROUD OF YOU! :)

  2. Great job on getting that run in so you wouldn't feel so guilty indulging a little at the pub!

    I did that too with the C25K program (started and stopped it so many times) but finally this time it all clicked this time around. Great job on going to sign up for a 5K! That always helps when I am on the fence about wanting to run or not. Knowing I have a race on the horizon always helps keep the running going on a regular level!