Sunday, 17 November 2013

In which I am insulted under the guise of compliments and continue my quest to be crowned world's best friend!

So I’ve been up to so much.


As Shannon so succinctly put it, my planned girl’s night was ruined by boys! However, it actually turned out to be a really great evening. I got to catch up with old friends and meet some new people which is always nice. However, it ended up being a SUPER late night, which wasn’t such a smart move when I had a wedding to go to the next day!


Saturday, I was woken up before my alarm, but it was an awkward time. Too early, meaning I hadn’t gotten enough sleep yet but not so early that it was worth going back to sleep, nightmare! Anyway, I ended up doing something incredibly out of character, I decided to use the time to go for a run. Shocking I know! In hindsight, it was a terrible move. I was so tired I couldn’t seem to get my act together, my legs/pace was all over the place, it was bizarre. Also I totally over estimated my route and ended up being done whilst still 20mins away from the house!


We were late getting to the wedding, arriving at the same time as the bride, which is less than ideal! But it was good fun, I got to catch-up with Ishmael (definitely my favourite part). The only problem is, now he’s been working in the UK for 18months his English has improved enough that he seems better able to express his sense of humor. You’d think this would be a good thing, it’s not. Once I’d finished mocking him over his newly acquired facial fuzz (I know, I’m a fantastic friend) he responded by announcing that I needed to come visit him in Derby because there were lots of young guys at his church and it was about time I found a husband, THE CHEEK! But I had the last laugh in this situation, because when grilling him about his love life I discovered there is a girl he has his eye on........ except he can’t remember her name!!!!!!!


We took some photos (and I’m sure you’ll agree the facial fuzz deserved mocking), and later on in the week he requested a copy. After an epic fail trying to send them to him via whatsapp, I eventually said I’d email  it to him, to which he responded to sarcastically, when I called him out on it, he said that I was the one who taught him how to be sarcastic so it was my own fault. HOW RUDE! He was much nicer when his grasp of the English language wasn’t so good!


We weren’t invited to the reception 9only the ceremony and evening do) so we stuffed our faces in a local pub and I started mainlining coffee (I really don’t cope without 8hrs sleep). The wedding breakfast over-ran so we had to hang out in the lobby for a couple of hours (more on this at some other point) before having wedding cake and more coffee. WSe left a little easrly because I was so tired and needed sleep.

(photographic proof we went!)

It was remembrance Sunday which meant getting a little more dressed up for church, my new go to blouse, skinny jeans, red heels and make-up, including an awesome new bright red lipstick. It was great catching up with people (and a lovely ego boost to hear how much I’d been missed). I also got to catch up with some of the elderly I used to “work with”. I was also the recipient of such dubious compliments as “you’re looking really well, you’re dressing differently and wearing make-up, its good” errrrrrm thanks,but do I really look that bad normally? Also one person greeted me with “goodness you’re literally half the woman you used to be” I’ve only lost 2stone, I repeat, HOW BAD DID I LOOK BEFORE!


Anyway, not alot to report for the rest of the week, work sucks. My eating was OKish but I failed on the exercise front.


I think I’ll save this weekend until tomorrow, and do a normal Monday catch-up!




  1. Ahh sounds like a really fun weekend even without any exercise! Glad you had a nice time!

  2. You are hilarious! The wedding traditions sound different in the UK than in North America.

    Also, you are BEAUTIFUL! Love the hair and the lipstick! Hottie!!!