Monday, 4 November 2013

Monday Catch-up!

Oh my goodness what a weekend! The weather got worse before it got better. Friday night the poor house felt like it was being battered by the wind and the rain. Which meant Saturday was a bit of a vegetation day until 5ish when Kat showed up. We spent far longer than I care to admit chasing her dog up and down the street trying to catch it, the neighbours must of thought we were insane! Kip is so cutee but so very naughty!

I’d tried to book us into the Mexican but no joy, I should have taken this as a warning but I didn’t. So when we got into town we tried half a dozen different restaurants but they were all full, made even more frustrating by the weather (Blackpool is right on the coast). I was wearing heels, which had seemed like a good idea as all the restaurants were within 1 block of the theatre and the car park. However they were not the safest in the weather so I had to dip into a shop and grab the cheapest pair of flats I could find.

Then we saw it, our haven, those magical golden arches, McDonalds. It was warm, and dry, there were empty tables. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to see a McDonalds, and whist rationally I know its not the best food but man it was so scrummy! I even had the new Mississippi Mud Pie McFlurry. So yummy! Getting back to the theatre was an adventure, the wind was so strong that moving against it seemed near impossible! But the show was totally worth it.

I’d driven so that Kat could drink. I completely forgot and she didn’t mention it until we in the car and leaving the car park, I offered to turn around but she declined. To be honest I am pretty hopeless and had managed to demonstrate why I’m not allowed out in public that often pretty well over the course of the evening, I think she was worried that I’d ruin her game! I am officially the world’s worst wing woman :s . The easiest way out of the one way system was just to drive along the front, the spray coming off the sea was quite impressive, now my poor weee car looks like its been dipped in salt! Oh well It was probably a good thing we didn’t stay out longer because when we got home Kip had escaped from her cage and had a little accident. Poor thing was terrified I think the sound of the wind and rain had really spooked her. So we ended up watching the Eagle. Kat who is a bit of a history buff was frustrated by all the terrible terrible inaccuracies, and Tatum’s accent, I tried to point out that really that wasn’t the focus but I guess a movie based solely on Tatum’s hotness just doesn’t have the same appeal if you’re gay, but bless her she made the best of it and contented herself with making a list of the inaccuracies!

After another lazy morning we headed out to Sunday Carvery. SO yummy folks, I decided that I would sacrifice a Yorkshire pudding for extra stuffing and more gravy, I do love gravy! Then I spent the afternoon chilling watching children’s movies with my hot waterbottle I kept wavering between going for a run and staying indoors. I left it until the very last minute lightwise, not getting my act together until nearly 5 when I realised that with the big lunch and mid-afternoon fro-yo if I wanted some dinner I was going to have to go out and earn it! You’d think I’d learn my lessen but no, I put off doing Jillian until the last minute too, not starting that until 11!!! Why am I such a procrastinator!!!!
Fortuneatly the weather has finally dired up today and the wind, well its not quite as violent as it has been.
This has been a long post without any photo's so I thought I'd share this one, which is as dry as it has gotten around here lately!

Right on that note I should probably be off,



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