Monday, 18 November 2013

Monday catch-up

So yesterday was all about last week, to day is all about the weekend. As you know I’m applying for jobs left right and centre at the moment. Well midweek I stumbled across a job that was slightly unusual in that part of the job requirement is living in a house on the wildlife preservation premises, for which the rent is quite high (the house is HUGE). I dithered over it all week. The job sounds fantastic and super interesting but at the same time ¾ of my monthly earning would be spent on the house and associated expenses which just seemed a bit steep. Anyway they were having an open day of sorts on Saturday so you could see the house and ask questions about the job. After much debate I decided to go. So I invited myself over to Emma’s for the weekend as she is only 1hr away from the job.


I arrived Friday night at the same time as Emma got in from work, James was on a late shift which meant we only had ourselves to please. Originally the plan was to watch Christmas movies and crochet (we are such party animals!) but it was Children in need on Friday so the plan changed to an evening of Children in need viewing and chat! Em was in a car accident in the morning (a delivery truck ploughed into the side of her car, luckily she escaped without a scratch, just shaken) but this necessitated a takeaway and chocolate. Pizza hut delivers to her house (oh the joys of not living in the middle of nowhere lol) and weirdly it was cheaper if we got 2 starters and 2 large pizzas than to just get one. So of course we overate and made ourselves feel seriously ill! But it was just a super fun and chilled evening.

Saturday Emma disappeared with her Dad to investigate the damage to the car leaving James and I to ourselves. Not only did I get a cooked breakfast (which included a weird combo of vegetarian sausages and white and blood pudding!) but he decided to “help” me with  the job application I was working on by playing me Muhammad Ali quotes followed by the rocky theme tune.


The open day began at 2 so after disguising myself as a fully functioning adult (Emma and James both said if they didn’t know better they’d think I was a grown-up) I set off. Sadly the universe had other plans, in a comedy of errors the motor way was closed for a couple of junctions leading to HUGE traffic cues and once I FINALLY made if off the motor way (after being directed up a slip road the wrong way) I discovered that the next best alternative route using A-roads was also closed. Cue the type of cross-country travelling using tiny country roads which don’t always make it onto the map! Anyway I finally made it there (only an hour late) pretty much everyone had left leaving the poor girl who had been hosting it to clean-up. After explaining my ordeal she very kindly offered to give me the tour and answered all my job related questions for me. The job sounds even more amazing and the house/finanancial aspect even more expensive, I think budget wise I would end up no better off than I have been as a student. So its a tough call.

Although views like this would make the financial poverty easier to bear.

Anyway the road situation on the way back was just as bad and even the sat-nav on my phone couldn’t cope with all the road closures and I ended up giving up and guessing alot of the time but I made it back in one piece. After much discussion we decided dinner out at giraffe was the way forward and the lovely folks there allowed me to swap my wedges for sweet potato fries at no additional cost (this is a very big deal for me!) and then we went to see gravity in 3D, which was traumatising! Whilst I was out on my tour Emma and James did a spot of shopping including buying snacks for the cinema, the got my poison of choice (mmmmmmm pepsi max) and my favourite chocolate (milkyway stars, they are meant for children but they are soooooo good!). I’m fairly sure these treats are the only reason I made it through the film. I really enjoyed the long walk back to the house though because I was stuffed!


I know you don’t really care about the minutiae of my weekend but there is a point. This weekend was a fairly good representation of how I want to live. There were treats when warranted (ie Friday  due to Em’s accident) and the rest of the time I followed a  reasonable eating guidelines when possible without denying myself or stressing over it. Breakfast/brunch was actually very balanced (all oven cooked) and the meal I choose at Giraffe was a very good option for me that with the long walk to and from town meant that I felt I could have the cinema treats without feeling like I was over-doing it. I think this may be what a healthy relationship with food feels like!


  1. GO you! Sounds like a nice and well-balanced weekend!

  2. It sounds like you used intuitive eating! That's exactly where I want to be eventually. Good for you! :)