Monday, 25 November 2013

My brother makes my life a misery.......again!

Oh my goodness folks I’ve had a busy weekend.

My cretin of  a brother may be the spawn of satan 99% of the time but occasionally he has a heart (one day I’ll share some of them with you). He announced that he’s thinking about not coming home for Christmas because there is at least one colleague/friend who can’t get home to their family, if its just the one guy stuck in Manchester then he’ll bring them home but if its more than 1 person then he may just stay in Manchester and host a Christmas dinner himself. This has sent my mother into a tale spin she refuses to not have my brother home for Christmas and so is preparing to have a house full of people.

Side note one of my mum’s best traits is that she has a really relaxed policy to guests and pretty much operates an open house policy.

Anyway, the knowledge that there will be guests in the house immenetly, combined with a bad case of itchy feet (they haven’t moved house in over 10years and mum is bored of the house) got mum all worked up and had us spring cleaning the house. The downstairs  carpets were even cleaned with an industrial cleaner (by yours truly). Then she wanted to re-arrange the living room furniture (this happens every 3-4 months) so that there would be a spot for the Christmas tree. After re-arranging the furniture, we gave the sofas a quick re-fresh. Dad hates our sofa and has been trying to persuade Mum it needs replacing. The fact that there is a finite number of arrangements with our current sofa suite and that the cushions were looking sorry for themselves even after plumping, and again the idea of guests coming had mum caving. But if we are getting a new sofa then we may as well re-paint the walls, this is already spiralling.

But not one to stop there the bathroom which has needed doing FORVEVER was suddenly on the agenda too (thank goodness because you currently have a choice between a hot dribble or a cold shower).

And as if all this wasn’t chaos enough throw into the mix that I have been frantically bidding on rocking chairs as a Christmas present for mum. So dad and I are desperately trying to persuade her to just replace the sofa and not the chairs. But no this wouldn’t do. SO then replace the sofa and 1 chair. But then there is the colour. The rocking chair I’m really keen on is grey. Which would not go so well with the beige sofa mum has her eye on, so o Dad and I are ranting and raving about the relative virtues of grey over beige, we finally have her converted when she announces she wants to go to the shop Monday night. I had it in my head that my auction finished Wednesday so really it doesn’t make sense to go before then because if I don’t win the chair they don’t have to get a grey suite and they can get the sofa and 2 chairs.

So I convince her that  we can’t go Monday  because she’s always exhausted on Monday’s, we can’t go Tuesday because Tuesday is their gym night so really Wednesday is the earliest we can go. So far so good. Then I discover my auction doesn’t end until Thursday Morning. So now I’m trying to put it off until Thursday evening and she is demanding to know why and it’s all getting a bit awkward. Which is when I remember she mentioned painting the living room. Originally against this plan now I see it as my salvation so I outline a new plan. They buy paint Monday evening. I masking tape up all the wood work on Tuesday. We do the first coat on Tuesday evening, the second coat on Wednesday evening and go buy a new sofa Thursday.
All of this is to say I HATE MY BROTHER HE RUINS EVERYTHING! Also I have learnt my lesson and I’m never going to be imaginative with Christmas presents again, next year she is getting a scarf!

Also gratuitious photo from the Church car-park yesterday.


  1. Amazing how one little thing can turn everything else into turmoil!

  2. I hope everything works out. The holidays are always full of surprises...sometimes good sometimes bad.

    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thanks! It's OK I've remebered how sweet my revenge will be on Christmas morning when he is extremly hungover!

  3. Aren't siblings awesome!

    Our parents sound the same. My family also has an open door policy and we constantly take in 'strays' over Christmas! No one should be alone over Christmas, it's just a sin.

    PS, can I come visit you sometime? All of your photos of the countryside are just stunning.