Thursday, 21 November 2013

NSV Thursday

NSV Thursday. Mine this week is quite monumental. I spent a week at uni, and I didn’t use it or the resulting stress as an excuse to over-eat. This is a HUGE breakthrough for me and I couldn’t be more excited!.
Also my old winter coat, pictured here is too big for me. However, I don’t want to replace it just yet. It’s a UK 20, and was snug when I bought it, I’d like to wait and continue to wear it until I can fit into a UK 16. Which would allow me to get this coat from zara:

I’ve been thinking about goals lately so I decided to make a list of goals and rewards for when I reach them, the achievability of some of the rewards is dependent upon getting a decent job, so where there are 2 one is the budget reward and one is the if I have a job and therefore can afford it reward:
·         178lbs, dye my hair red, I’ve mentioned it before having red hair is something I’ve always fancied so I’m going to do it once I hit this goal (unless the internet persuades me it would be a terrible move lol)
·         168lbs Alicia Silverston make-up, its all hypo-allergenic and organic and I’ve coveted it for over a year. Alternatively a new sports bra in the next size down.
·         158lbs Mr Kate worm fossil ear-rings or a haircut and colour courtesy of groupon, I cut an dye my own hair (sooooo poor) so this would be a real treat!
·         150lbs Mac ruby woo lipstick and liner
·         140lbs lots and lots of new clothes, I will basically buy everything there is in H&M because I will be small enough to fit into it all (and not just select pieces)
So there we go a great NSV and some goals. Its a pretty awesome day.


  1. Beautiful coat!

    I want you to get to 178! I want to see the hot red hair!!!

  2. Great goals! And congrats on your NSV!

    I love that coat!

  3. Excellent goals and wonderful NSV! (That coat is adorable!!!) Can't wait to see each new thing as you reach your goals!

  4. Great NSV this week! Thank you so much for linking up and sharing! It is always such a great feeling when you can fit into old clothing. Also, I think your goals are great. It is awesome that you've laid out goals and rewards for yourself!