Wednesday, 27 November 2013

weigh-in wednesday!

Weigh In Wednesday
Ok first things first, its weigh in Wednesday. I weighed in at 185.2 (sooooooooo close to being 2 lbs down!). But the important thing is I’m no-longer obese, I’m now officially just over weight, woop woop!
Last night I couldn’t sleep for thinking about weight loss (ok that’s not the whole truth it probably had more to do with the ridiculous amount of diet coke I drank). It’s funny how when you start of loosing weight you fantasise about how your life will be miraculously different once you finally weigh x. I still fantasise about weighing x, (truth be told I’m convinced some magical transformation will take place when I do and I will look like Christina Hendricks). But I no-longer equate it with a huge life/personality overhaul. What’s going to make it different is that I’m finding confidence in my body. I feel that for so long I’ve been putting life on hold. On hold for the day when I’m not studying for a PhD (to be fair I feel this was a valid hold lol) or for a day when I would magically love the way I looked (which I always equated with being a certain size).
But in reality life doesn’t stop just because I don’t have a job or plan for my future, or because I don’t have this mythical perfect body. I have to enjoy the life I currently have, and not put off living until somepoint in the future when all my ducks are lined up in a neat little row, because life is messy and that day will never come, there will always be something else.
Because that seems to have gotten a little deep I want to finish with a little story from last nights trip to Ikea. We were sofa shopping (by the way I have new cunning plan for mum’s Christmas, knitted footstool) and Mum really fancied their poang chairs. If you’re unfamiliar with them they are a little bit like a rocker except that its more like a spring based system rather than rocking.
Anyway we were testing them out  and I realised that it never stops moving, the slightest movement sets if off bouncing (something that doesn’t happen with a real rocker) and it was actually triggering my motion sickness (I’m terrible for getting motion sickness, I’ve even been known to suffer with it as the driver). Anyway needless to say I switched to something more stable but the damage was done, I spent the next 30minutes feeling a bit green and only started to really recover when my parents took pity on me and got me a slice of cake and a diet coke. Food is always the cure for motion sickness lol! Mum sees this as an added bonus, it means no-one else will try and steal her chair!
Right I'm off, I'm really looking forward to reading through everyone else's sumbissions, it just feels like a bloggy day,


  1. Congratulations on the loss! That's excellent! I remember being super excited when I was no longer obese. Now I'm "marginally overweight" (HA!) and I'll be even more excited once I'm in the normal range.

  2. Congrats on your loss this week-- I remember hitting the milestone and feeling the same way! And I definitely use to think "oh, I'll look like XYZ when I weigh XYZ." It's so strange to actually hit those milestones and realize how inaccurate our expectations are… sometimes in a good way! Or sometimes in a bad way (I totally would've thought my boobs would be smaller at my weight now… and they're not AT ALL). But Christina Hendricks is 1000% one of my fave females in Hollywood too-- I'll take her over a Gwenyth Paltrow any day!!

  3. Congrats on your loss! I hope I have some losses like your soon!

  4. Congrats on your loss! That stinks about your mom's chair giving you motion sickness.

  5. Great loss!! And you're totally right, we can't put off living life until we hit some perfect time. It's not going to happen and then we're going to look up and see that we've wasted so much time, and we can't get it back!