Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Good morning campers!

(Reginald and Santa had a falling out when he found out he was on the naughty list)

I have been a busy bee, so let’s catch you up.

I got new glasses (wooo) I’d show you photos but I’m having a pyjama day and haven’t showered yet, and nobody wants to see that!

My poor mum is under the weather. There has been a seriously nasty sickness bug making the rounds at her school, and because she has a ridiculously strong immune system she hasn’t succumbed she’s just been feeling a bit delicate. This happens quite frequently, particularly as the Christmas holidays approaching. Also it always seems to coincide with when my parents decide  to do their Christmas shopping (they believe in leaving things to the last minute). In the past this has had some disastrous results re Christmas presents. And as Saturday’s shopping excursion was for all the younger cousins, whom I love to much to leave at the mercy of Mum’s sickness induced thought process, so I tagged along.

As someone who loves H&M it’s only natural I would want to pass on this passion to all my wee cousins. In my defence we tried a number of shops working our way to H&M and my parents were getting nervous that we wouldn’t find clothes for them, but I knew that H&M would pull through. Although I’m a little concerned as they all seem to have ended up with some sort of checked shirt :s opps! Then I had fun picking out age appropriate books, I think my parents were a little concerned by extensive knowledge of YA fiction.

We split up so Mum and Dad could do their individual shopping and as mum was beginning to flag I went with her. This proved to be a wise choice as at one point I found her leaning against a clothes display with her eyes closed! So we power shopped and then decided to wait for Dad in starbucks!

On Sunday after church we went to Bond’s for a Christmas dinner. I wish I had remembered to take photos for you because I can’t describe Bond’s with words. Its a local ice cream place and restaurant, that hasn’t changed since the 50s. No seriously. The decor, the flatware even the menu hasn’t changed one iota. It’s just good food with no frills. It was fun. Then we went Christmas tree shopping. Disastrously the normal place we go was sold out! SO we road-tripped around several garden centres before finding the perfect tree. I managed to persuade my parents go for different type than normal (it was just such a pretty shape). It’s already losing needles like there is no tomorrow, but I think it’s totally worth it!


I’ve got a second hand rocking chair for Mum’s Christmas present, after much deliberation (on Dad’s side, I always knew) it was decided it would look better with a coat of paint. As an inherently lazy person I decided the best solution was Annie Sloan’s miracle paint. Also being cheap I refuse to pay the postage on a tin of paint, so headed out to the local stockist in Lytham. And in a spurt of uncharacteristic foresight I realised it would be too dark to go for a run (a much needed run thanks to the weekend) when I got back, so I took my running stuff with me!!! You’d think running along the prom would be nice. I can’t honestly say. It was just so cold, and windy I didn’t notice! I also forgot a water bottle for when I’d finished so I had to duck into a chippy to buy water, I looked a little out of place in the que, especially as I was still panting!



  1. Reginald isn't helping with him being on the naughty list by trying to devour Santa!
    Geez, you did have a busy weekend! Hope your mum starts to feel better! And I love the tree!!!! Looks great!

  2. REGINALD! I want a Reginald....

    Your shananigans just crack me up. I can't believe your Mom was leaning against a coat rack with her eyes clothes! HAHA! Too funny.

    What is a chippy?

  3. I can't wait to see your new glasses!! I hope your mama feels better soon!
    And I love H&M too! Omg if there was any store I could live out of --that would be it.