Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Today's post is just a flying visit, normal service will begin again next week, promise!!!

It's Hogmanay today (I'm not allowed to say New Year's Eve, I made that mistake earlier and had to put up with ott wailing an moaning from my parents about how they raised a sassanach!).

2013 has been a funny old year. Things with work/uni have been at an all time low, and I started the year off in a very broken place. Looking back at the year it would be very easy to think that I've accomplished nothing, my studies are in the same limbo they were at the begining of the year (or worse). I haven't got a real job. And I've had to move back home. None of which is generally considered a success. But like I said I was very broken, and this year I've pieced myself back together. I found an online community better than I ever could have dreamed.

Sometimes it's easy to get discouraged by the apparent lack of progress. But I'm still here, which as some of my fabulous friends have pointed out considering the year I've had that's a major achievement. 

Also I started addressing the issues I've had with food and eating ect! So whilst I may not have lost a steady 2lbs (more like 1) I have addressed deeper issues. I had a goal to be 175 for the new year and thanks to a lot of indulgences the past 2 weeks I haven't quite made that, but I am 32lbs lighter than I was.

So whilst 2013 has been a necessary year, I am super duper excited about the start of a new year, and the fresh start it represents! 

I have some goals for 2014, some big some small but I'll leave them for tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Hogmanay and has a great time stepping out, and I'll be chatting to you in the new year!



  1. I've never heard of New Years eve referenced as Hogmanay! Hope you enjoy the last day of 2013 and that the new year brings you closer to all of your goals!

  2. So glad you found us as well. :)

    Enjoy tonight and look forward to all of the good things 2014 is going to bring!!!!!