Sunday, 29 December 2013

I am a terrible blogger.... sorry about that :s

Firstly, I hope you have all had an absolutely lovely Christmas, and that Santa brought you lots of good things.

My wee brother ultimately decided not to come home for Christmas, which I was a bit bummed about. He was working either side and there were a whole group who couldn’t get home so he hosted a Christmas party for them. I get it, and it was a pretty sweet thing to do, but it would have been nice (if selfish) to have him home. So initially I was worried it was going to make the whole day a bit blue, but actually it was really nice if very quiet and chilled.

Dad and I smuggled mum’s chair into the house whilst she was in the shower. Full disclosure: I didn’t actually help, I just stood by the door and complained about the cold! We opened presents and that had a mad dash to get ready for church. We came back had soup (mmmmm soup) and then decided to go for a walk along the prom (tiddly om pom pom), which had my brother been about we couldn’t have done! It was a lovely day, if a little cold and windy and the sea was just GORGEOUS!!!

We have always had Christmas dinner at tea time, but since the return of doctor who in 2005 it’s always arranged around the Christmas special broadcast, you’ve got to get your priorities straight!

Boxing day, is like a second Christmas day. Geoff (and until their deaths, his Mum and Sister) have always joined us for Boxing day. There is always gammon and turkey (because he doesn’t always get turkey on Christmas day). There is always more food on boxing day than on Christmas, and there are lots and lots of puddings. Its just a really chilled time, full of love and conversation and Mollie (Geoff's dog), I love Mollie. 

Asides from the reprieve on Christmas day, the weather around here has been pretty yucky, so wet and windy! Sooooo exercise hasn’t really been happening, and eating has definitely continued to be bad bad bad. I did get a run in on Friday because my parents signed me in as a guest at their gym.

I’ve had a pretty awesome weekend too, but I’ll save that for a different post!


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  1. Sending you a IG request! Looks like you did have a lovely holiday even if your brother didn't get to come home! I love those ocean pics! So beautiful!
    What did you think of Doctor Who and Matt Smith's last episode?