Tuesday, 24 December 2013


It’s Christmas eve, isn’t that exciting!

Oh my goodness I didn’t mean to disappear I’ve just been a tad busy. Last week I finally reached goal No.1 of getting to 178 so I could change my hair, there are photos but its such a subtle change its hard to get a true reflection. Anyway sadly all the end of term teacher gifts for my mum were edible this year, combined with a cracking gingerbread man recipe from my friend and things have just gotten a bit off track here. And by a bit I mean I weighed in at 185 today, eeek! But its not too big a deal, I mean it’s a lot but i made those choices so like a big girl I am excepting the consequences!. I know after Christmas I just need to start behaving and it’ll come off again, the key is not to panic! Also hopefully some of it’s just water weight from all the salty foods!


Anyway as promised photos of my new glasses (I got 2 pairs but they are very similar, one black and one brown).


This is the colour dye I used (it was on a great deal).
This is the result (side note, those photos with the glasses, taken AFTER I dyed my hair). So it’s quite subtle!

And last but not least is the thing which has taken up all my time. Mum’s Christmas present.

Which went from this:


With a broken arm, several chips and a couple of rough spots.

To this.

It even has a dark grey cushion now too.

And whilst I have been slacking bigstyle with my workouts this restoration project was definitely a lower body work out. My poor leg muscles were screaming at me for days after!

Right I just wanted to catch you all up and wish you all a very  merry Christmas!

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  1. OH I love your glasses and hair! The hair came out great! Not too over powering either! Love it! You look adorable!!! The chair! WOW I love it!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and today is Boxing day for you, right? Hope you had a wonderful holiday with friends, family and lots of laughter!
    We will both get back on track now that the holidays are over!