Tuesday, 10 December 2013

tosday innit!

Its Toooousday

Unless you have watched Miranda that joke will be completely lost on you. And if it is I pity you, what dull and boring things your lives must me without a bit of Miranda Hart.

Anyho, I may or may not have had a bit of an ugly weekend diet wise. No binges per ce just lost and lots of poor choices. People I do not deal well with rejection, I am a chronic people pleaser and all this rejection from job applications is slowly destroying my people pleaser soul!!! It started on Friday with a rejection from a job I’d reeeeeeally wanted with this feed back “On this occasion, there were other applicants whose skills and experience more closely matched the requirements for the role”. Rubbish! So I had a brownie cookie (on a separate  note these are an amazing thing and if you’ve never had them you are living your life wrong). Then on Saturday we went to IKEA again (you know you’ve been too many times when the sales assistants recognise you). I had a subway, not bad per ce but I read a PCOS diet book that advocated cutting out grains so I’ve really been trying to avoid bread and pasta (but not cake obviously because everyone knows that those don’t count as grains). Then there were several slices of M&S treatwise millionaires shortbread. This stuff is awesome. Its scrummy and pre-packaged into individual portions of only 120 calories. I don’t get to M&S often so I picked up 2 packets (of 5) the theory being they would last a while. Over the course of the weekend my Dad and I have eaten them both, d’oh! Then I discovered the holy grail of Starbucks.

We only get pumpkin spice lattes in October, and they are usually all sold out before Halloweeen rolls around. Which means (as someone who doesn’t get out much) I usually get one pumpkin spice latte a year. So I was more than a little excited over the above announcement! Then we had a Chinese takeaway, mmmmmm msgs. And finally there was also a small bar of Cadbury with Oreos consumed over a 2 day period (sooooooo good!).

None of these things by themselves are bad. And it’s still a far cry from past behaviours/eating habits. However, I had a secret goal (a quite ambitious secret goal) to reach 175lbs by January 1st, and all those indulgences are not going to help me get there. There was one bright shinning moment though. On Sunday I woke up early and I just knew I wasn;t going to be getting back to sleep, so I pottered about for an hour until the sun rose and then went for a run!!!!! It reminded me why I never exercise in the morning, I want to eat first but then get a stitch half-way around d’oh!

In other news I had a wardrobe clear out (again) of clothes that don’t fit, I’m being ruthless, the moment something is too big it’s out the wardrobe into a charity bag because this time there is no going back. Lately I seem to oscillate wildly between 2 extremes. On the one hand I feel quite smug and slim on the other I feel frumpy and fat and despair over the amount of weight I still have to lose to get to goal, I’m not even half way yet! Anyway I decided to do something I’ve dreamt about doing for years! I ordered some clothes from Modcloth as my Christmas present from my parents (they don’t do online shopping, this year I’ve been in charge of buying their gifts for each other, and keeping all these secrets is killing me). I bought some poetic licence shoes I’ve been coveting for nearly 2 years (and which are dis-continued in the UK) a fabulous dress and a shirt and then because I got a discount code for it being my first purchase I got some earrings too, everything was in the sale AND there was free shipping! Score! Anyway I bought the clothes in a Large, which may be a little snug right now but I’m hopping will be the correct size in the very near future!

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  1. Screw cutting out carbs. How about eat what you want in moderation, because we ALL know, if you say you can't have something, THAT'S ALL YOU WANT! Do what your body tells you. :)

    PS, I totally believe you can get to 175. Keep working! :)