Friday, 17 January 2014

Friday randoms

Sooooo it dawned on me today. I made a pretty exciting purchase just after Christmas and I haven’t shared it with you.

I went to the pound shop and I bought a new phone cover.

A cover so awesome that every time I look at I squeee with excitement.

That’s an actual out-loud squee, not one of those metaphorical ones!

That’s right my new phone cover has 3D dinosaurs on it (they move too).

I know you are all just dying of jealousy over it. I apologise.

What else? My body deciding we need to take a break from running has coincided with the driest week we’ve had in ages, typical!!! It’s not paranoia if the Universe really is out to get you!!! I was talking about this with the ever awesome Desiree and I was saying I’ve always wanted to be one of those yoga girls..... you know the type I mean.... but always fail at the execution. SO maybe this break from running will finally be when I get my act together and commit to doing yoga regularly? One can only hope.

What else I applied for another job (oh so many job applications, I don’t tell you about all of them because that would be dullsville). But this one is a little different it’ a short-term contract (just 5 weeks). The deadline for applications was yesterday. Today I had the weirdest phonecall, they were checking that I was actually available for 5 weeks. I was a little confused and can’t help but think it un-necessary, why would anyone apply for a job where the length, the interview date and immediate start were all very carefully described if they weren’t available???? Anyho, I find out on Monday if I have an interview, and then the interview would be on Tuesday. It would be a great opportunity so your prayers and positive vibes would be very much appreciated.

And in the interest of accountability, which only works if I am actually honest, my whole “snacking has to stop” thing on Wednesday failed. I basically continued to eat my way through Wednesday and yesterday. On the plus side I have now eaten all the snack food, so today on wards should be different! I am finding it so hard to get back on track after Christmas!

Right I’m going to attempt some yoga,




  1. I LOVE THE DINO CELL PHONE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg! Is Reginald jealous????
    Excellent job, I still haven't gotten around to the yoga that we talked about! BLAH!

    Fingers and toes (and eyes) crossed for you about the potential interview/job opening!

  2. Oh my goodness, Reginald must be just ecstatic with your new phone case!

    I want to try yoga again too. I've been thinking about downloading JM's Yoga Meltdown, but I also thought about using my Wiifit for fun and the yoga on there. :) Hope you had fun with it!!!