Friday, 10 January 2014

It's Friday!

Oh my I haven’t been a very consistent blogger this week.

So I’m going to take this opportunity to catch you guys up on my week, because I’m generous like that!

Tuesday, I drove down to Manchester to pick up my baby brother with instructions to clear out my car because he was bringing home all his washing (and as it turns out a GINORMOUS crossbow). We headed into town where I bullied him into buying me a starbucks (mmmmm happiness in a cardboard cup). We then proceeded to finish his Christmas shopping! Callum is doing alot of shift work at the moment and had an overnight shift so he was beginning to crash by the time we made it back to my car.

Wednesday my dad came home early from work so he could play with the crossbow. I’m convinced that the only reason doofuss came home was so that he could play with his new toy in the back garden!!! Then doofuss went back to Manchester and Mum and I started our period drama fest with Ruby in the smoke and the first part of a BBC adaption of sense and sensibility. Quick side note The governor from the walking dead is Colonel Brandon and it’s a bit disturbing!

Yesterday was my favourite day. Mum and I watched the next 2 parts of sense and sensibility with a quick run to the village shop for chocolate and wine, the  little lady who runs the offy wanted to come home with us because she thought our evening sounded blissful. We then felt guilty about having exiled my dad from the living room so we finished the night off with the exotic marigold hotel, which was awesome. So basically it was a perfect day lol!

I do have a quick question to pose to you guys first though. I went out for a run yesterday (2 sets of 10mins with a walking break inbetween). Anyway last week on my run half way through the outside muscle on my upper thigh started to ache, and it lasted for a few days. And the last 5 minutes of my run yesterday it started happening again. Does anyone have any idea what’s going on? Do I need to stretch more/better? Take up yoga? Vary my running route because the roads have a significant camber? Any and all suggestions welcome.

Right, that’s you all up to date. I hope you have all had equally as blissfull weeks, or at the very least get to have a blissful weekend!



  1. I've never had that problem before. It could be because of new shoes or potentially because that you're running on the road, rather than trails? Did you google search it at all? That's what I do. ;)

  2. Hmm no suggestions really either. Yoga may help though. And maybe foam rolling? Check out some youtube videos about that. Maybe it will help.